Thursday, March 12, 2009

My feelings exactly!

English cottage

"I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give"
~Thomas Jefferson


  1. Nice quote - sounds like you! The new header looks like one of your fairy gardens!

  2. I like your re-decorating. I love to play with my blog, it is like another tiny room to play in. And I would love to live in that "modest" cottage with the great roof and all the beautiful flowers. And books...gotta have lots of books!

    From a Raggedy Roberta Ann

  3. Oh Sandra the new look is lovely :) As for the cottage what a lovely picture!! & Place to Live.That would be so lovely as a blog banner :)

  4. Love the new look! And I love the quote! It's so me! Hope you all are feeling better and have a wonderful Friday!

  5. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson & John Adams died on the same day which was on July 4th 1826.....the anniversary of the signing of the Dec. of Independence.....50 years to the date of a matter of fact! How cool is that?! Cant help but think God really loved those men. Oh & I learned that from watching the HBO series "John Adams". This was a great series that left me & Danny balling at the end! Well, actually several times inbetween!

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I love the new look of your blog.
    I've been reading your posts this week but was too lazy to comment!! Sorry!!!
    I love the cottage. I want to live in one like that. And the quote is great.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hello Sandra
    Dropped in to say Hello via Linda's blog (remote treechanger) and am looking forward to more of your crockpot recipes
    Take care

  8. This template is beautiful!
    And the quote is SO TRUE!


  9. Love the new look! That cottage is beautiful and the the quote so true. Take Care :)

  10. That says it for me too! I also love the new look, Sandra. Very Spring!

  11. Hi Sandra! It's Pamela from Chez Nous. I've had to shut down my blog and start up a new one - this one's private and I'd love to send you an invitation to view it. I can't see how to e-mail you directly so please drop me an e-mail to and I'll send the invitation right out.

    I love this picture and the quote is so true - the simple life with your family and books, what a wonderful, tranquil life!

    Have a great weekend,

  12. What an adorable new look to your blog!!

  13. That is so true.
    I love the new look- Mari's right- it does look like a fairy garden!

  14. LOVE the new page! Thanks for being a daily inspiration!

  15. The page is very nice and the cottage is just my style. I like the quote by Thomas. Great job. Kae

  16. I love the look of your blog! If you are ever up to sharing your blog decorating tips, I'd love to learn them! Your new "Meet the Family" pictures are really nice too! I hope you have a nice weekend with everyone healthy! :)
    God Bless,

  17. I wish that quote would apply to me, but it never will in reality. Bacon....mmmmmmm.
    Nice to dream, tho.

  18. That cottage is beautiful ! I'd love a little place like that !! All those flowers ...

    Love the new look of your blog !!

  19. Love the new look!! It looks so inviting just like your blog...


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