Monday, March 23, 2009

Blimey the sunburn is annoying!


I have to say though, having a Medicinal Aloe plant around is OH SO WONDERFUL. It's what has helped me through the past two days, I don't burn people, I go brown, but this Arizona sun is a killer and it got me good. I can almost hear it cackle way up in the sky *shake head*

Anyway, what a wonderful weekend, full of airplanes and boys in uniform, well my husband in uniform is what I concentrated on. I love it! What can I say, there's something about a man in a military uniform WITH children melts my heart and it makes my uterus start crying for another baby. Shame on me!

But just look, tell me that doesn't pull at your heartstrings?

And this?
What about this?
A man who loves his children and his family and is not afraid to show it. A man decked out in a military uniform ready for battle but yet calmly walking along the flight line holding his daughter's hand tightly in his, and pulling a wagon with his son. It's heaven :)

So Saturday because of the sunburn and the heat, we came home and didn't get to see the Thunderbirds, but we decided to go back yesterday. Well, we went, but we came home without watching the Thunderbirds again because....this is so ridiculous.....a wind/dust storm kicked up during the Air Show. I was whacked by flying boxes, I saw a couple trash cans go barreling down the air strip and everyone was so covered in dirt at one point that all you saw was a dark film on their skins.

Oh well, I guess my backyard show on friday was a sign LOL

But let's get back to my day. With the kids both off to school I jumped right into cleaning. You know how it is after a weekend, it just seems like the house is turned upside down, there's dishes everywhere, drinks in the living room and blankets and shoes thrown around, there's toys all over and Wii remotes laying on the couch.

I started off with opening all the windows in the house and allowing the cool breeze to come in, with the curtains blowing in the wind, I set to work.

Washed all the laundry, hung it out to dry, ironed and put away. Swept and mopped all the floors, vacuumed the living room area AND the couches. Then I changed all the bed linens and dusted everything.

By the time I was done, I had to head out and pick up the kids from school, Monday's are early days.

While the kids played and watched TV, I finished cleaning Jasmine's bedroom and then started dinner, Stuffed Meatloaf....SO GOOD! And some Brownies for dessert.


I have been letting the kids help, they both love cooking and being in the kitchen with mommy and it's also a way of everyone contributing. I made the meatloaf, Nicholas did the mashed potatoes and Jasmine made the brownies. I love it, it makes me happy to see my children so invested in learning to cook.

And that is how my day went, I'm going to put away one last load of laundry while helping the kids with homework, then it's bath, book and Bible reading with the kids and they're off to bed.

I'll probably watch Dancing with the Stars and then later Paranomal State.....unless I nod off to sleep before. Who knows right?

Well I'm out of here, I am coming your way for a bloggy visit, hope you have coffee and cake *snicker*


  1. You are so right - a man in uniform is such a sight, and when he is loving his kids, it's all the better!

  2. Those pictures are so precious, I just can't even tell you. Whether in uniform or not, a man loving up on his kids, holding hands with them, wow -that really does it for me. (You do realize I'm talking in the general sense, right?) :)

  3. What sweet photo of your hubby and the kids. Hope the sunburn settles down. I think I got a touch today too.

    Have a Marvelous Monday
    from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

  4. That is a sight for sore eyes indeed!!! Love those pic's of your hubby and the kids. It doesn't get any better than that!!!! Sounds like a busy Monday to me. Your meatloaf looks delish!!!

  5. what a lovely day! i wish we had your sun... its still only in the 30s around here! can't wait for warmer days!

  6. I wish I had your love of cooking. Your meals always look so yummy. I am loving all sun we have had the last few days too.

  7. That stuffed meatloaf looks great !!! I'm amazed that Nicholas can make mashed potatoes !! Well done Nicholas !!!

  8. What lovely pictures Sandra,I love seeing the picture of Curt with the children at the plane so touching.Rob is watching the video from Saturday,I now know all the planes and the names etc.... LOL!!!! I'm wishing for the sun and the breeze blowing in.
    Have a great week..

  9. Adorei as fotos, mostram bem o amor do pai com os filhos. Quanto à queimadura, há anos que não sei o que isso é mas o Aloe Vera é realmente muito bom. Tivemos uma planta dessas em casa durante muitos anos mas depois não sei o que foi feito dela. Mas agora que falas, vou ver se arranjo uma porque é muito útil.
    As segundas-feiras cá em casa também são assim, tempo de colocar tudo em ordem. Mas ontem não consegui fazer nada disso porque me cortei numa mão. Vai ter de ser hoje!!!

  10. Coffee I can guarantee but cake? Well, that's definitely a roll of the dice. LOL.

    Sounds like a wonderful productive day, Sandra. I really need a day to myself where I can just do some things.

  11. The meatloaf sounds yummy...meatloaf is on my menu for someday..not sure when. Sorry about teh burn. I tend to only tan, but every now and then if I'm not careful I can burn.

    Sounds like a good day..I'm off to clean now (C:

  12. Sandra,
    Ia m with you about Arizona. I live in Queen Creek and I hate the heat. So through the summer I am usually in the house with AC blasting and bill going out the roof.
    I love the pictures they are heart melting.
    That stuffed meatloaf is making me so hungry!

  13. adorable pictures Sandra...
    Hope you sunburn gets better..
    Meat loaf looks so good, i have always loved meatloaf...

  14. You have a good man there.. loved the pictures.
    Hope your sunburn is better now.. I'm getting tan myself from last weeks sunny days.

  15. Too funny. I thought you would be out there. We were there too. It was a long day though for us. YIKES! Long lines for sure! Hubby loves planes and flew for awhile so it's a passion.

  16. Awesome pictures... how wonderful to see daddy and the kids juntos. Bjs!


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