Friday, March 27, 2009

Bella Sara!

I'm sure as a parent and having at one point in time, been kids ourselves, we're all aware of collectible cards right?

But what if I were to tell you that there is one specifically made for girls? One that is so adorable and so filled with the cutest horses EVER, that you will wonder how you made it so long without it.

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That's what I want to share with you today. Jasmine first got these cards when they were sent to me last year to try. I handed them to her and she looked at them and immediately fell in love, she was even more excited because they have an online website filled with adorable horses and adventures, printables etc.

If you have young girls around, this is the perfect toy for them. Bella Sara just came out with 2 new products.

Bella Sara Miniature Series 1 Collection, you actually get to collect figurines of the Bella Sara Horses. They are ADORABLE and so tiny. Keep in mind they are for ages 5+.

Bella Sara Treasures. Ok, now this one Jasmine was going crazy about. They are playing cards BUT get this, they come with codes, stickers or tattoos AND you can play online with each corresponding code. Jasmine said that with the code on each card she could access a different area of the website.

I am telling you, she spent about two hours glued to the computer, playing with the different horses and exploring different areas. When she was done, she actually called her best friend in Virginia and told her all about Bella Sara.

Ok, so now that I've told you about it, I will tell you that the wonderful people at Bella Sara are offering two sets.

1 Miniatures Set (one random velvety horse, a random bonus code redeemable online and a full color checklist)

1 Treasures Set (5 random horse and/or treasure cards, a random sticker card, a random tattoo card, a mini-game, a card checklist, online codes, and positive messages.)

All you have to do, is leave me a comment, make sure you have an email account listed where I can reach you if you win, and tell me which of these sets you think your daughter would like the most. Easy as that. I will random generate two winners on April 1st!


  1. If only I had a daughter... does the dog count? LOL j/k

    Goodluck to all of those with daughters!

  2. Sophia loved Bella Sara cards and I'm sure we still have her collection somewhere around here. I'll ask her if she kept any duplicates and send them your way for Jasmine if there are any.

  3. Ok I don't have a daughter but I am going to enter for my neices in Australia who would love these. And it just so happens I am going to see these gorgeous nieces in May and always love to turn up with unique gifts in hand.

  4. Hi Sandra -

    I think my daughter would like either, but I suppose I need to pick one, and I guess I would pick the treasure set - if she can get horses. Poor kid is a horse freak with no chance of ever getting her own pony. At age 6, she's starting to realize the sadness of it all. :)

    Thanks for the fun idea too!

  5. Cute, Sandra! Is there any magic etc in this? Just daughter loves horses!!! Thanks for sharing! :D

  6. my daughter is 8 - she's probably love them! I've never heard of this.

  7. My daughter would love either set but the first one is probably more age appropriate for her now. She loves horses and her grandmother actually has 4 rescue horses. My email is Thank you


  8. Oh please count McKenna in for this she will love it even at almost 4.thanks

  9. Hi Sandra!

    I will most definitely have to look into this for Em! Do they have books? I am going to the book store today and I will look. Em loves horses and collecting and the computer - sounds like 3/3!


  10. I would love to surprise my neice with with adorable treat. Either set would be wonderful but the treasure set would be m y first choice.

  11. Sandra:
    I just noticed this post is dated 2010.

    Roberta Anne

  12. My daughter, who is now 24, would of loved this as a young girl. She always loved horse and unicorn type things. The card that works with the computer sounds really neat. All that exploring.

  13. How cute are these? I've never heard of this before but my oldest would love this! She is so into horses! Not to mention that she really loves spending time online playing other website/online code toys she has gotten (build-a-bear, webkins, etc).

    I think she would love either of them but the treasure set would probably be her most favorite. Not to mention the second set comes with a tattoo... SCORE! hee hee


  14. Thank you for the sweet thoughts on my flood post. It is my blogiversary today, thank you for remembering. Sorry I haven't stopped by to comment recently, there's been a lot going on. I am still reading daily though! Life should get back to normal again soon.

  15. How fun! My 10 yr old would love these, Please count me in!

  16. Too cute! I've never heard of Bella Sara, but I'm saving it in my favorites! I think (if we win) that Lyv would love the Bella Sara Miniature Series 1 Collection.


  17. Oooo awsome post! My oldest daughter LOVES Bella Sara. I think everything is soo cute!
    Thanks for the great post!

  18. Oh yes yes yes! I am so in!


  19. Ohhh! They are so pretty! I think they are so cute. I would enter, but I think that I would need to be an adult to win them. But if I was to get them, I would draw pictures of the pictures in my sketch book. It would be something new. Then I would give it to my little sister who I know would love them. Have a good weekend Miss Sandra.

  20. Count me in, my girls looooovvveee Horses of any kind... I have never heard of them before so thanks for the info on them, I will have to check them out. Can't wait to see who wins... Hope you have a great week!!

  21. Oh, how fun! Thank you! Even if we don't win this looks like a treasure trove of good stuff for my horse-lovin' girl!

  22. I would like to enter please. I don't have a daughter, but I do have a niece. My e-mail address is . My blog is private, so if you would like to be able to view it then please e-mail me at the above address. I am really excited! Thanks!


  23. My daughter is really into bella sara, great giveaway!


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