Wednesday, March 04, 2009

{ Wacky Tacky Wednesday }

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Yes my dear friends, today is Wacky Tacky Wednesday at the kid's school, so I stood by and watched my beloved beautiful children go to school looking like this.....

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I had absolutely no control over what they wore today and as much as it made me cringe in a way, I had to laugh in another because the looks on their faces and the excitement as they threw their ridiculous outfits together, were just precious.

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I guess for Nicholas it wasn't really that much of a difference, see my son has this habit of not really paying attention to what he's doing and ends up putting his jeans on backwards. I shouldn't tell you about this but I will anyway, just because..... *snicker*
We were at Walmart a few weeks ago and he told me he needed to use the bathroom, so off we go, I take him into the stall and pull his pants down only to realize they were on BACKWARDS. embarassing. I can't believe I didn't even notice, you may think I'm this horrible mother who doesn't pay attention but I truly, honestly, did NOT see it. I did make him fix the pants and put them on the right way before we left the stall LOL

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I just love this girls hair, I mean really love it, look at that color and the curls?

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It's been a crazy few days, remember I told you they were removing all the fences? Or wait, maybe I didn't mention that, I may have just talked about the house painting, now that I think about it. Ok well come in and sit with me, let me explain to you how the fencing on this base worked, because it's so ridiculous you will surely leave here shaking your head in confusion.

When we first got a house on base we were told right away that there were NO fences....ok let me rephrase that. There were back yard fences on some houses and NONE on others and we informed the Housing Office that we had dogs and needed a house with a fenced in yard. We were then told "Ok, that's no problem, we will put in a work order to have one put up in your yard BUT you do have to pay $20 a month for it". HUH???? Excuse me but WHAT?

You may remember at the time we even considered not putting one up and just taking the dogs out on a leash, but that would get annoying really fast and then I couldn't let them run around out there and having a corner house, I wouldn't feel safe leaving the kids out back to play either. So we put it up and we paid the monthly feel, begrudgingly, but we paid.

Well finally, they have decided to take down all the fences and put up new ones that we do NOT have to pay a monthly fee for. Thank You Lord. But for the past week, we've had NO fence so we're back to doing the leash thing and then there's all these loose dogs running around and it's just a huge right now I don't have a backyard, it's a mixture of poles and fence and workers and trucks.

But enough babbling about that....let me show you our seedlings? Remember the ones we planted on Saturday? Well look how cute they already are.



Those are the kids....because mine, well...nothing yet. I told you I just don't have a Green Thumb, I can't even get the seedlings to grow LOL

So while all this is going on, I have a new obsession which I just have to share with you. I blame it all on Lucy and Alicia and a couple of others that I visit.

It's all about the ripple, oh yes....the wonderful ripple which gave me nightmares the first time I thought of even attempting this. The thought of decreases and increases and whatnot made me sick to my stomach, but I persevered and finally figured it out and now....well now....


It's all I can do NOT to indulge in the ripple action....all day long. Right now I'm making a little afghan only about 40 inches wide but my next project will be a big one for my bed.


So there you have it, that's what's going on on my side of the world. What about you? Anything interesting, any wacky days around there?


  1. Kids love those crazy days! Glad they are having fun today. Jasmine does have absolutely beautiful hair!

  2. *Love* the ripple afghan! Mine's been sitting in the bag for about two weeks now, but I think I'm going to work on it tonight. Glad you're enjoying working on one too. So easy, yet so gratifying!

  3. The kids look adorable and yes, I love that red curly hair...
    Great job on your ripple afghan.. looking good there girl.

  4. I have a ripple afghan my grandma made, probably from the 50's and I love it. It is in stripes of light to dark rose and pale yellow. Just think, you may be making something your granddaughter will treasure forever too!

  5. I love coming by to visit, it is like when you used to hang over the fence and talk to your friend next door but I guess there wouldn't be a fence to hang over......smiles

    The kids look great!

    Roberta Anne

  6. Your kids look adorable and yes, your daughter's hair is beautiful!

    As a former classroom teacher (3rd grade) I can tell you that, yes, the kids absolutely love those "crazy" days (backwards day, hat day, twin understand!), but they drive us teacher's nuts! Thank you PTO/Student Council/building principals for creating utter morning chaos. Oh well, the excitement is priceless; although I must say that some kiddos come dressed to school as if it is crazy day everyday! LOL

  7. It is SO awesome to watch how fast you caught on to crocheting. I have a pattern for cute ruffles you can add onto store bought socks that I think Jasmine would love. If you would like more info, e-mail me, or comment on my blog, and I will send you some photos and the instructions.

  8. i can not do a ripple!!!! i have tried a billion and one patterns, all easy,easy, easy, and i dumb, dumb cant do it..It will not come out right...Its one of those pull your hair, throw the hooks out the window type of things for me..lolol
    you are doing awesome, just awesome with your crocheting..
    the seeds are coming along nicely, what its it?
    the kids look adorable in their wacky clothes..
    take care Sandra..

  9. Oh cute!~ LOL!! Loved the pics of your kids.. that is so fun for them! Hey just one day out the year is do-able right?? LOL!!

    Love your little plants that are popping up..reaching for the sun.. mmm love that! Something so happy about that for some reason. :)

  10. Love the kids outfits!!! LOL!! So cute!
    Cant imagine the crazy fence stuff! At least you'll get a new one & wont have to pay.

  11. I know how you feel, Sandra. Cameron puts his jeans on backwards AND he puts his shoes on the wrong feet, but it doesn't bother him a bit, so I try to ignore it, but it does make my eyes twitch a little.

    I've always thought that Jasmine is stunning. Her hair is absolutely beautiful. I imagine her Daddy is going to be a wreck in about ten years. LOL

  12. Your daughter does have beautiful hair! It seems so weird to me to see your children wearing summer clothes!! It is so cold here and I feel like winter had been LONG and tiring. I love how you share your day with pictures.

    Have a great day
    (Ontario, Canada)

  13. Jasmine is defintiely rockin' that outfit-her hair is GORGEOUS by the way! Love the wasy you made the colors stand out in the first pictures! I'm SO jealius that you guys are out without coats on! We just got 9 inches Sunday and are still shuffling around in it!

  14. What a very fun day for your kiddos!

  15. I remember my kids having days like that at school and it was great fun. They look so cute and Jamines hair is fantastic.
    I can't believe your little plant are growing already either!!!
    Thanks so much for the 31 days of paryer for our husbands. I printed in out and pasted it on to some friends who are not bloggers..

  16. I remember dressing up in silly clothes for wacky wednesdays! Your kids are very creative; they must take after you! Glad to hear you no longer have to pay a monthly fence fee and you get a new fence out of it!

  17. Hey,Sandra! I'm Arkansas and we had wacky Wednesday, too, they are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week. my boys wouldn't do anything too outlandish, just wore shirts and stuff backwards....

    but about him wearing his pants backwards... when my 3rd son was in preschool, i was horrified one afternoon when I picked him up because he had to go to the bathroom before we left the preschool and when we got in there, HE HAD NO UNDERWEAR ON! I had not noticed, because he was dressing himself, so he apparently just forgot. So the next day when I picked him up, same thing, had to go to the bathroom urgently, and HE HAD ON 2 PAIRS of underwear! When I questioned him, he just said, "I forgot to wear them yesterday so I wore two today."!!! The mind of a preschooler! LOL

    have a great day!


  18. Silly housing office... At least you get to live on base! I hate that we can't... Oh well!

    Gorgeous hair, gorgeous girl!

    We are all about the backwards pants, backwards shirts, and backwards underwear here too. I usually let it go but sometimes I make him turn it around :)


  19. I just love this girls hair, I mean really love it, look at that color and the curls?

  20. 1. THANK YOU for sharing the secret of linking a blog/etc with just using ONE WORD or selected words.... how easy was that!!
    2. LOVE your daughter's hair!!!!!
    3. LOVE your son's backwards-ness even on a "normal day"...
    4. My kids will be having Spirit Week at their school next week. It should make for some fun pictures to share on my blog!

  21. I love how Jasmine is dressed what fun.And Love Nicholas's shoes.LOL.

  22. Sounds like a wonderful day! And the kiddos looked too cute! Your ripple is just awesome! Maybe one day I'll try my hand again. Hope that you have a beautiful and blessed Thursday!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  23. That is gorgeous hair and adorable kids! Glad your fence issue is working out - good luck at surviving until it is up. And that ripple struck me as a snake at first glance - I'm glad I took a closer look! :)

  24. Since you don't have an e-mail link on your blog home page, I am commenting here again!
    Concerning the sock trim pattern... I thought I knew exactly where the book was (or should have been) but when I got home it was not there. I did a bit of "house tossing" looking for it, but it is still MIA. :-(
    I will try to find it this weekend as I will have more time to really search. In the meantime, I did find a couple similar patterns online. Here are the links:
    A Pretty Pink Lace:

    A Nice Scallop Edging:

    A Beaded Style (a little more advanced):

    When I was making trimmed socks for my girls, I used a verigated #10 crochet thread, and usually pink, lavendar, or yellow socks.

  25. Hi Sandra

    Will you please please please put a tutorial up on how to do the ripple? My mom used to do this and I could never figure it out, and since she has passed away, I can't ask her. If u decide to thank you so much.


  26. Oh, I've seen this ripple before!! And I also want to do one!! ha,ha,ha!
    But, not yet. I have some other projects to do before that.

    Bjs Sandra

  27. Oh the ripple is so cool ! I'm going to head over to the links you posted and check out their ripples !! I may have to try rippling myself !! I just started a shawl yesterday. Can't wait til it's finished ! It's going to be really pretty !!

    That is CRAZY about the fence. Who ever heard of $20 a month for a fence ? Sheesh !!

    As for the back wards pants ... I had to laugh !! Maybe he could start a new trend ...


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