Monday, March 30, 2009

Because handmade is so much better....

and because it's relaxing and because I love the look on my children's faces when I show them one of my latest projects.

Like these adorable crochet eggs, so quick to make and so darn cute, they make me smile. I am making at least half a dozen for Easter, but earlier I went into the refrigerator while preparing dinner and found this....

One of my kiddos decided they belonged in the egg tray, replacing the empty egg spots. Who am I to say otherwise? I am thinking I may just make a bunch to use in there to replace the eggs as I use them.

And when I'm wanting a break from Crocheting, I pull out the sewing machine and make some fabric eggs. I want to make at least one each for the kids to add to their Easter Baskets.

I followed the super simple tutorial from Retro Mama and used up some cutsey red fabric from one of my old dresses.

You can download the egg pattern right here and when you're done, why not go ahead and post your eggs to Retro Mama's Flickr Group.

One thing though, I made this egg almost double the size of the pattern she gives. I wanted one BIG Easter egg in there.

Tomorrow, while the kids are in school, I'll be making a bunch more.

Moving on to other things, I just started The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff and even though I'm only on page two, I'm hooked, I think it's the author's wit, the way he writes so fluidly as if in conversation with the reader and the story itself. I can't wait to finish it and let you all know what I thought.

I also have Into The West from Netflix, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I think it's written extremely well, because for me, I have found it hard to find a good story about the west where I don't feel that either the Pioneers or the Indians are being portrayed in a negative way. I'm learning SO much which is wonderful for me.

Now I'm off to get my babies to bed and then post my new Two Week Menu plan at the food blog, I have so many goodies to try the next few weeks, I can't wait to share it all with you.


  1. I know, right ... I'm totally hooked too !!! I read a bit more last night !

    Those eggs are so cute !! I really need to learn how to sew ....

  2. These are so cute! I love the ones in the egg tray!

  3. Oh, too pretty, like, like Easter eggs. I love it. :)
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  4. Love those dinky crocheted eggs.

  5. I love your Easter eggs.
    I want to learn how to sew but first, I need to improve my knitting and crocheting!

  6. Your Easter eggs are too cute! A bunch of them in a basket would make such a sweet centerpiece for an Easter brunch!

  7. So cute! I am thinking a dozen of those tucked into an old egg carton for Megan's easter basket would be adorable.

  8. Those eggs are adorable and I love that your kids put them in the carton- so cute!

  9. The eggs are all so cute! Good job! What a sweet thing that they turned up in the frig! Aww...

  10. Love the eggs!!! Easter is almost husband had to remind me of that yesterday!!

  11. I love your eggs! You're inspiring me to make some.

    I just found your blog. I like the idea of Happy homemaker Monday. I'll be back!

  12. I am loving your crocheted food Sandra! How awesome they would be in one of those little kid kitchens.

  13. Super cool crochet idea, only thing is I don't needle stuff. My boys will love choosing fabric for eggs that can be sewn. I happen to have dozens of fabrics to choose from, so this will be easy. Thanks for the terrific idea.


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