Monday, June 15, 2009

After the sun sets......


It's dark and cool outside, a little breeze runs through the trees and you can see a couple of cars coming in and out.

It's also late, almost 11pm and here I am, sitting in New Mexico in a motel room, feeling exhausted beyond belief and like my body has been through the ringer.

Have I ever told you how Nicholas and I are just NOT good car travelers at all?

He started off by up chucking his breakfast and then spent pretty much the whole 10 hours laying down in the backseat looking as pale as Casper the friendly ghost.

Me? I was in and out of a nausea state, very annoying to say the least.

But aside from that let me tell you about the trip so far, we set off from Glendale, AZ early morning and up towards Flagstaff.


It's amazing how just in just an hour outside of the big city, the scenery completely changes and it's like you're traveling through a magical forest, surrounded by the biggest and most beautiful Evergreens.


It's always amazing to me how the earth changes drastically from one mile to the other, from desert landscape to red rock near Sedona, to green mountains and evergreens by Flagstaff and then littered with the most exquisite rock formations as you enter New Mexico.

I'll admit, this is my first time traveling through this state and I was under the impression that it would be all desert with nothing in site, was I surprised, not only is there such beauty around but so many things to do and see.



We've already decided that on the way back, we are taking our time and stopping in at as many of these exhibitions and sites as we can. Don't be surprised when I show up with all these Moccasins and painted art and blankets etc.

But for now, we're enjoying the road trip, there's lots of this



and even this


we've seen our share of trains, coming and going, big and small, cargo and passenger. The kids are continually amazed at the enormous machines, you should see their faces of excitement when they hear the chugga chugga coming by


and did I tell you already that we're getting our kicks on Route 66? No? Well we are and it's so much fun *snicker*



Of course no trip is complete without stops at Travel Centers where you end up buying tons of snacks and drinks and then have to stop every hour to use the restroom, or is that just me? LOL

And there's also the quick lunches at along the way, we're not much of Fast Food people, it gets boring and nauseating pretty fast, so we always stop at Denny's or any other Diner we see along the way.


I'll be updating the photo album as often as I can, so you're more than welcome to check in there anytime you wish.

For now, I'm going to say goodnight and I'm going to get into this comfy bed and close my pretty little eyes to get some sleep. There's more sight seeing tomorrow as we finish the car ride part of the trip and arrive in Texas, then, oh then, the rest of the vacation takes over....there's family and Six Flags Over Texas and eating and laughing.

I think these two weeks are going to fly by, but you won't even notice me gone, you'll be along for the ride, hope you're packed and ready to go, there's no time to waste.


  1. Happy Trails to you.And May you get your kicks on Route 66...I'm so musical,have a great time.That's a shame that you and Nicholas feel sick.I hope that it gets better.

  2. The countryside looks beautiful ! Thanks for taking up on this trip with you Sandra ! Hope you have a blast !!

  3. I hope you got a good night's sleep - sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  4. Have a lovely time!


  5. Beautiful scenery! You are just like me, snapping pictures as the car is whipping along.

    Have you and Nicolas tried a Gravol before you leave to go on the road. It really helped my girl alot. So do those little rubber strips you buy that attach to the bumper and sorta drag on the ground. Apparently it helps discharge the vehicle of something or other that might cause car sickness.

  6. Thank you for posting the pictures of Arizona. We are heading out there in a year or so and I was under the impression it was going to be desert as well. Now I can't wait.

  7. How beautiful! Hope there isn't much more car sickness though!

  8. Such nice pictures! Hope the tummies settle soon!

  9. If you stayed on Route 66 the whole way, you'd end up coming right thru where I live in Missouri! We live off Rte 66! :)
    Anyway, safe & not-sicker travels to you! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  10. Looks like fun so far. Have a great time. My bags are packed, so I guess I will take a virtual vacation with you.

  11. Wonderful pictures! Have a great trip.

  12. OOOO, this is exciting....I WILL be taking this trip with you...virtually, of course. Drive safely and have fun.

  13. I love traveling in the west, there is so much diversity in the landscapes. We did route 66 one year all the way to Ca. it was great.. Travel safe and be healthy

  14. Oh wow! I have been reading your blog for a while and didn't realize you are in AZ too... i live right in Glendale. Anyway, your trip sounds amazing, how wonderful to get out of the valley for a few weeks!! ENJOY ;)

  15. Dramamine for nausea or benadryl...we give benadryl in the hospital all the time for nausea. I get car sick too....hate it!!!

    The pictures are beautiful! Glad you are taking us with you!! I've needed a vacation!!! Thanks!

  16. Oh I feel like I am on another vacation,going along with you.

    Hate to hear about the tummy's.Does none of the motion sickness pills help?
    Will be watching for the next episode of this trip. Hope all goes better now.

  17. They look so comfortable and peaceful, sleeping in the car. Things like sleeping with their own pillows, on a long road trip, are memories they'll never lose.

    The car sickness sounds miserable. I wonder if there's something you can get, over the counter, to help with it.

  18. My dh and I were in some of those exact places a few years back, Sandra! I love the Seguaro (sp?) catuses and the Sedona red rocks...but the Grand Canyon was my fav!

    Hope you and your son feel better!

    Happy Travels! :)


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