Friday, June 26, 2009

The beauty of nature!


Every single day I am reminded of what a beautiful world we live in, all it takes is for you to step outside and enjoy it.

I'm blessed that my in laws live in a country home surrounded by vast land, ponds and all sorts of amazing sights to see, so I thought I would take you on a virtual tour of what I'm surrounded by daily.


I'm fascinated by the huge spiderwebs I'm finding all over the land, it's almost like a white blanket spread out over the banks of the pond.


I am not fond of weeds but even I have to admit that this Creeping Thistle is beautiful.


Wooded area behind the house....ok well it's not exactly a forest, but just a bunch of trees at the end of the yard.


I love dragonflies and I've been enjoying my share of these beauties around here. I didn't even know there were so many different colors.


Yet another spiderweb


Right behind the house is this white rock, it seems that it used to be a river or some sort of creek or something. But we even found fossils in that rock, of course the kids were ecstatic.



When we first arrived there were tons of tadpoles in the pond, the other afternoon we went for a walk and had to literally watch every step we took, these little ones had turned into the cutest frogs.



I'm off to enjoy the sunset, hope you all like the photos :)


  1. What a beautiful spot! I'm impressed with the spiderweb. I tried to get a picture of one recently and had a hard time.

  2. What beautiful land! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos throughout your trip!

  3. These are really gorgeous photos, what a great eye. I love the one of the frog. The husband and I are looking forward to getting out and exploring the English country side this summer. It's good to get out of man-made surroundings on occasion to remember what real beauty is.

  4. What a blessing that you get such a beautiful yard when you visit your in laws!

    Your pictures are as always so great! Have a great trip!

  5. Beautiful place, Sandra! All those spiderwebs on the ground are amazing. I've never seen that before. My kids would be in frog heaven over there! :v)

  6. Wonderful pictures! My favorite was the little frog. The scenery where you are is just gorgeous!

  7. wow. so pretty sandra ! and the little froggies. they are so adorable. looks like you guys are having a good time !! i'm glad !!


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