Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Flags over Texas

I had honestly thought that I had outgrown my days of getting ecstatic over rides, but I guess I was wrong because once we hit the park, we were all 5 years old again.

What a great time we had, well, apart from going on the big water ride and getting completely soaked AND I was wearing a white shirt because I'm dumb like that and forgot about the water rides but didn't want to miss out on them so I ended up walking around with a soaked white shirt and thanking the good Lord that I didn't have a WHITE BRA underneath LOL

My children loved every.single.second and if it were up to them, they would have rode the biggest roller coaster in the park.

Here are some pictures and as always, I have most of them posted to the Flickr Album where you can go and browse through them all.


The Teacups, I think they're MY kind of speed LOL Though we did make it more fun by spinning them as fast as we could, problem is, once the ride stopped we were still just a blur and very dizzy LOL


The kids with Grandma, and she even got to ride on one of the horses too.....they all had such a great time.



I love this photo, their expressions just tell the story don't they?


By this time of the day, I was feeling rather poorly, those teacups which I had such a great time on, ended up making me sick.....really sick LOL

So I had to sit this one out, but it's ok, because I don't think I could handle another hour of walking around soaking wet wearing a white shirt LOL

Curt, Jasmine, Nicholas and Chris (my brother in law) all went on the big water ride and then like all the others before them, as they exit, they stop on the bridge and wait for the next car to come and splash them.

This is right before the big wave hits them, you can see it clearly.


And here's another view the second time around, I want you to play close attention to Nicholas' face LOL

I couldn't stop laughing, he was all happy right until that water got close, then his expression just cracked me up


It was a blast and we plan on going back another time.

Today we're heading to a Lavender Farm, now tell me something, how perfect is that for me?

My mother in law just asked if we would enjoy going to a Lavender Farm and I think my jaw hit the floor. Well YEAH....I love Lavender!

I'll have more pictures for you all either later today or tomorrow morning. I better skidaddle on out of here, there's people waiting on me *snicker*


  1. You have great pictures again. My favorites are of the kids with those expressions!

  2. Oh you are so in my neck of the woods!! Isn't Six Flags over Texas awesome! We have been to 3 of the Six Flags parks and it so far is my all time favorite! Im so glad you are enjoying it here! I definantly can't wait to hear about Lavender Farms as I have enver heard of it!

  3. Your pictures are wonderful. Glad y'all are having a great time!

  4. I knew you would have so much fun...minus the tea cups....enjoy the day..

  5. Good Morning!
    This is my first time visiting your site and I read in your post that you love lavender. Well, my heart began to race because I thought you were speaking of me; my name is LaVender, but people mispronounce it all the time. I would LOVE to go to a Lavender Farm because I love lavender too (smile).

    Anyhoo....I enjoyed my visit with you. My family recently took a trip to Six Flags over Georgia and had a woooonderful time as well.

    Have a joyful day in Motherhood!

  6. Awesome pictures. Looks like y'all were having a GRAND ole time in Texas!


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