Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lavender Ridge Farms!


Well I'll be.....I had NO idea there were Lavender Farms and when my mother in law asked if we would like to visit one, I pretty much had to keep myself from jumping up and down.


We headed out there yesterday afternoon and it was just so wonderful, the scent as you start approaching the lavender fields is something out of this world.


First thing we did was head into their little Cafe, they serve all their food using Lavender, there was Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Tea, Chicken Salad and Cheesecake and Brownies with Vanilla Lavender Ice Cream.


I tried the Lavender Lemonade and it was pretty good but I have to say, it takes a little getting used to, the Brownie with the ice cream on the other side was unbelievable...SO SO good.
I wanted a cookbook but they were completely sold out.


We got to pick some fresh Lavender, it was really cheap, we got a nice bouquet for $2.40 and of course, I won't even mention the scent, amazing.


My children were excited to see a Strawberry field too and the owners told them to go right on out there and just start picking and eating. They were the reddest, plumpest and juiciest strawberries ever. YUM!


I am hoping that on the way out of town they will be open because we would love to return there and pick up some Lavender products.


I've uploaded all the photos to the Vacation Album, there you will find more from the Lavender Farm.

I do hope I can find a few minutes this week to come by and see you all, I miss reading the blogs and seeing what everyone is up to.


Time to go and mingle with the family, have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. I didn't know there was such a place either- I would love it there.
    That is one of my favorite smells!
    Glad you're having a good time.

  2. HI!
    Looks like lots of fun and happy times! Lavender smells so good. I have an award for you at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. You can pick it up there. Have a great evening!


  3. oh, what a wonderful treat to see & smell & taste the lavender! :)
    And the strawberries - YUM!! I've been craving them like crazy - thankfully our grocery store has them for $.99! yeah!

  4. I love Lavender - I bet it was a heavenly scent!

  5. Love the tree with the chairs...what a beautiful place. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  6. Oh what a beautiful place ! Too bad you couldn't capture some of the smell to put on your blog !! I'll bet it was absolutely fabulous !! Hope you get to stop on the way out ... maybe they'll have some cookbooks then too !!

  7. Today on the make it do blog they show how to make lavender bottles to put in your drawers. Thought you might like to check it out.

  8. Too bad we couldn't get "smell-o-computer" so that we could get a whiff of all that wonderfulness.

    You have to tell us the story of all the chairs in the tree!

  9. We have a small lavender bush in our back yard and it smells so nice...I will cut some and put them in bathrooms in the spring...luck you to see this farm.


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