Sunday, June 07, 2009

A day of Books!

I've been reading and organizing my books. You know what I love? Going to the bookshelf and looking through all the books I have on there because I tell you, no matter how many times I do, I always find one I had no idea I had, or completely forgot about.

Now I'm very picky when it comes to getting rid of books, I really don't think I can part with any, especially if they are part of a collection I love, but there are those odd ones that I post on Paperbackswap. Which is what I've been doing today too, the thrill of posting a book and then seeing it requested and knowing that once you mail it off and the person receives it, you will have a credit waiting.

It's that anticipation which I love, though I do get a little nervous, I never know what to get, I guess it's like that with everything in life. You want something when you don't have the means to get it and when you do get the means, you have no idea where to start or what to pick first.

So I guess I'll go try and figure that out, I'm sure it will take a while.

Tell me though, do you use Paperbackswap at all?


  1. first time I've heard of it. got the address? some details?
    sounds like something we would love!

  2. Not as much as I used to - but it is a great book swap program and easy to navigate!!

  3. Never used it but have been over there to check it out a few times.

  4. LOvE books!

    I just posted about paperbackswap and two other sites I use here:

  5. Yep! I'm on there; and I actually have credits!

  6. I have a little something for you...

    ~Warm Cozy Wishes

  7. I LOVE paperback swap! We have saved so much and found some great out of print books that are fantastic reads!

  8. I love PaperbackSwap, too.
    I totally understand how you feel about how hard it is to get rid of many of the books that line the bookshelves at home! I have that trouble, too!
    I use the PBswap site to exchange books that I know I will never be reading again for ones that I wanted, but never went out and purchased. Many of the ones I post are from well meaning friends and family who know I am an avid reader, but give me books in genres I don't care for.

  9. I've never tried paperbackswap but thought it sounded like a good idea!


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