Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Applebee's Realburgers for Real Heroes contest

I just got an email today about this wonderful contest that Applebee's just launched this week.

Here is what it said:

To recognize the men and women who have played instrumental roles in our lives, Applebee’s just launched the Applebee’s Realburgers for Real Heroes contest and sweepstakes. A real hero might be a soldier, parent, coach, volunteer, teacher, or best friend – people who are making a difference in your life and at the base every day. Who are your heroes?

You can go online ( to nominate your real heroes (the last day to nominate is July 5). So what’s the prize?? In addition to some much-deserved recognition, the Grand Prize Winner will receive $5,000 and a year’s worth of free Applebee’s Realburgers Just for nominating, you're automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes drawing for a $50 Applebee's Gift Card. Don’t forget to come back to the website to meet the Real Heroes and vote for your favorite between July 15 and July 23, 2009.

I'm going to go online and I'm nominating my husband Curt, you all know that he is a soldier in the Air Force and to me and the kids, he is our hero. No questions asked and no doubt about it.

But I think that you all most likely, or actually surely, have a hero of your own and I also think that it's a great opportunity to bring them some recognition don't you think?

Applebee's has been kind enough to offer a little giveaway to my readers. So here is what is up for grabs:

Applebee’s Prize Pack with a few fun things — an aromatherapy ball, lip balm, cookie cutter, pen, photo holder, calculator, stress apple, etc.
Just something fun!

If you're interested, all you have to do is leave me a comment and I'm only running this contest until tomorrow at midnight. I will draw a winner on Saturday!

The contest is open to the US only. Good luck and don't forget to leave me an email so that I can contact you. I want to be able to get your information as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for your prize BEFORE I leave on vacation next week.


  1. Oh- great idea!

    Well obviously my mom is my hero. She helped raise her three younger brothers when her mother left the family and her father worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. She dropped out of school in 10th grade to become the mom for her twin 2 year old brothers. She had me at age 22 and then my brother at age 24 and survived a horrible abusive marriage. She finally left my father after he burned our house down and she raised us on her own since. She has given up a lot in order to care for everyone else around her and has been an incredible example for me as a mother. Her encouragement is what got me through a year of post partum depression, a horrible stage in my marriage and she continues to be a constant light for me. I am definitely nominating her!

  2. I hope you win with your entry! I feel like our American Soldiers are definitely heroes so thank you to you and your family for his service!

    Stacey -

  3. oh how wonderful of Applebee's! I feel the same way you do about my hubby who was in the Army & served in Iraq. He is our hero as are all our soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and Marines...can't forget those Marines! LOL

  4. What a great contest! Of course I think Andy is a hero, but he says he is just doing his job!

  5. oh how i wish we had an applebee's here !!

  6. What a great idea! I would nominate my dad. He's been a great parent, friend, mentor and teacher to me.

    I'm always open to some Applebees! Mmmm


  7. My hero was/is my grandmother. Her baby (my dad) was 18 when I was born but that didn't stop her from taking me in and raising me as one of her own when I was 3. She passed away 2 years ago yesterday so I can't nominate her.

  8. Good Luck with your entry!!! Isn't it wonderful to have heroes? :)


  9. I know have many heros in my life, it would be difficult to nominate just one. But please enter me in your give a way. Have you received your package yet? I forgot to include the card..LOL!

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Like you, my husband is our hero!

  11. What a nice tribute for our Servicemen and Women. I hope your entry wins Sandra!

  12. How awesome for them to be recognizing those who serve us all! Tell your husband thank you for his service!!!


  13. There are SO many heros, how are they going to be able to narrow it down to just one? I am glad the decission won't be mine, or I'd have to say "Give'em all a burger! They are ALL awesome!"
    Please put me into your drawing. My e-mail is:

    Have a Happy Weekend!

  14. Lisette5:38 PM

    Wow what a neat idea! I'd love to enter too :D


  15. what an awsome recognition program they are doing!

  16. What a wonderful program!


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