Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Morning from Texas!

Before I start, I have to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, they were answered when I checked early this morning and saw my husband's name on the Tech Sergeant Promotion List. I literally jumped up and ran into his arms.

I'm SO proud of him and he worked so hard to get this promotion. Thank you so much everyone and Congratulations to my wonderful hubby, Curt.


It's an absolutely beautiful day here in Northern Texas and I have to say, it's been great enjoying the fresh air and seeing nothing but trees and greenery around.


We've been catching up with family and laughing and joking and playing games and having a great time.


I can't stay long, but I wanted to drop in with a few pictures and show you kinda what we're doing here, then we're heading to Six Flags. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that, I mean I want to so badly to go on the rides but I also get dizzy quite fast LOL


Oh well, there will be tons of pictures to share later, I'm certain.


I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, I miss blogging but I'll be back to it once I get home, until then you'll see random posts pop in here and there :)



Well, I'm out of here, see ya soon.


Renee said...

Congratulations to Curt! Enjoy the day at Six Flags and the rest of your vacation!!

Laura L. said...

Hooray for a trip to Texas! I'm a native Texan, and so your post caught my eye immediately. Looks like you're having fun.
Congratulations to your husband!

Pamela said...

Congratulations Curt!! And because I know that behind every serviceman's promotion there is the family who supports him day in and day out, congratulations Sandra, Nicholas and Jasmine!

Manda said...

awwww congrats! and beautiful photos, i want a vacation, but not as badly as i want to continue saving for this house...... :) !!

Jill said...

Congrats to your hubby! And have a great time.

Amy said...

Hi Sandra!! Love all the peaks into your TX time :)

I know your heart has been longing for green and more open space... praying that your heart is filled to overflowing with all of God's beauty while you are there.

Enjoy! Amy

Wendi said...

I am so happy for Curt! I know that means so much for your family. Glad that you are enjoying your vacation. Have fun!

Cheri said...

That is so awesome- congratulations!!
Enjoy your vacation.

Jen said...

CONGRATS Curt! It looks like you are having a wonderful time in Texas. I received my package today! Thanks again.

Jen said...

Have fun...enjoy your time with family. Its priceless.

Michele said...

Congrats to Kurt!
Texas looks great! Love the photos.

Susanne said...

Congrats to Curt! That's awesome news.

Looks like you're having a wonderful holiday!

autumnesf said...

Congrats to Curt. My husband will be testing soon and I always hate how long it takes to find anything out!

Linds said...

Oh how wonderful, Sandra! I have been praying for Curt,and just yesterday I whizzed back through all your posts to try to find out when the results would be out. I thought now was the time. We are all so proud of him! Brilliant!
You carry on enjoying your holiday!

Mari said...

Congratulations to Curt! Beautiful pictures!

Conny said...

YEAH and congrats to your husband. Nice to see hard work paying off!
Lovely pictures. Glad you're having a good time.

Grandma Elsie said...

Love the happy pictures.. I have a sister in law in Marlin Texas, about 30 miles from Waco..
I've been there once and loved it.
Have ablessed and safe trip. Congratulations to hubby.

Bonnie said...

Congratulations to Curt !

Have a good time in Texas ... Six Flags, I'm jealous !! I loooooooove rides !!

PA .. i love the brown and white shirt you are wearing in the photo of you and Nicholas.

Anonymous said...

I have awarded you a blog award:


Cathy said...

Congrats to your husband!!! Your down in my home state! I actually live in Fort Worth!!! Hope you are enjoying your time in Texas!

Blessed Beyond said...

Congratulations to hubby!!! How awesome!!! And Welcome to Texas! Looks like yall all are having fun! Did yall enjoy Six Flags? You are near my home area, where I grew up. Hope yall have the BEST time!! I haven't been able to read your blog or do much lately because of errors. So I downloaded the firefox and now I am back to keeping up! Have a great weekend!

Hugs and Blessings,

Unknown said...

Congrats to your dh, Sandra! And I love your flowered top in the picture with your kiddo! :-) Hope your having an awesome vacation!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Curt!

Glad you're having a lovely time

Love and hugs.


Elenka said...

Looks like you guys are having great fun, Sandra.
Safe traveling...enjoy seeing the photos.

Crystal said...

Congrats to Curt!!! What a huge achievement! And I know that your whole family was involved in the process. Does this mean a move to another location now?

Enjoy your vacation!!

Lulu said...

congrats to Curt, how awesome..
have fun on your vacation..

Keri said...

I know I'm late, but congrats to your hubby on his promotion! It was a good year for both of our families :)

Glad your trip is going well! I know I don't get to comment often but I'm still reading along with you!

Michelle said...

Joe and I both send our congrats to Curt! How very exciting! that's the best way to start off a vacation :)