Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The first "I want to run away" day....

because quite frankly I knew it would arrive.

When you first throw yourself into homeschooling, you're pretty much like a baby learning to walk, some days you're courageous and adventurous and you just get right up there and do it and then there's those days that you stumble about looking for that reassuring hand or that table to prop yourself up on.

One thing you don't really realize or rather, you pretty much live in denial about, is the fact that there will be bad days, impossible days, days where you literally think to yourself "What the heck was I thinking doing this?  Where did I ever get the idea that I could be a teacher?"

Yeah, we had one of those today, our first one and it knocked me on my tush.

Nicholas flat out refused to do any kind of work, I mean the excuses were flying out of his mouth faster than flying monkeys.

I didn't get a break
I don't feel like it
I don't like writing
But I'm too hungry right now
But I'm tired
Can't I just leave it until later?

One after the other he showered me with these.  Now usually when he starts like this, I am able to get him right back on track, either we leave the lesson that he doesn't want to do, for later in the day, or I give him a break OR I tell him that he can always do it when daddy wakes up.  It usually works....today.....not so much.

I really wanted to run away, it was so frustrating, so I did what I could...I vented and then I went right back to solving the problem without yelling or fighting.

We sat down and quietly had a talk, I explained to him the pros of being homeschooled like being safe, being with mommy, learning at his own pace, being able to take breaks when he needs it, LAUGH and TALK during lessons, even have a snack while working.  I also explained what I am willing to do to make this happen but I can only do this if he helps me and does his part.

Wouldn't you know it, it worked, he sat down and within 2 hours we were completely done with all his work.

Do I think I will never see another one of these days?  No, that would be just setting myself up for disappointment, but I do realize that these are going to be few and far between and when they DO happen it's not the end of the world.  I don't need to run out the door or swig back a glass of whiskey.  Thank goodness for that.

Here's what I WILL do.....head into my kitchen and have a cookie, a homemade warm out of the oven chocolate chip cookie and here, you can have one too just for having to listen to me and my issues HA!

But after you have the cookie, I wouldn't mind some advice on getting through days like these, I'm kinda proud of myself for not panicking and throwing in the towel........thankfully I was able to remind myself that I'm doing a good thing and this is what is best.

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