Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week in review

It's been a pretty crazy week for us as I'm sure you can tell by my absence from the blog, sure I did the usual Happy Homemaker Monday posts and the Cooking Thursday, but not much else.

The reason is simple, we've been busy with Homeschooling, Dibels testing and I've also had my little one sick with a bad cold which has now turned into Pneumonia.  Goodness!

We spent last night in the ER and got home around 4am.  Exhausted can't even begin to describe, Nicholas actually fell asleep on my lap while waiting for the doctor to return with the result of the chest x-rays and the medication.  Poor guy!

He started getting a cold last week Wednesday, had a fever for about two days and then seemed to be fine.  Two days ago he started coughing, this really nasty wet cough you could tell that he had a lot of phlegm going on but other than that, perfectly fine.

Last night he went to go take his shower and called me to tell me that he was itchy, when I looked, he had this big red raised splotches all over his back, sides and groin area.  While at first I thought that maybe he brushed up against something or ate something, I honestly could not come up with anything.  Within an hour, he was complaining that he couldn't sleep, he was extremely itchy and the red blotches had moved down to his legs and under his arms and neck etc, that's when we decided to take him into the ER.

After 4 hours, doctor said he had pneumonia but brief and also hives which can possibly be caused by a viral or bacterial infection.  They filled him up with benadryl and all these other meds including steroids for the cough and by the time we got home from the ER the red blotches had completely disappeared. They're back again but we'll just keep the Benadryl going until they're gone for good.

He is doing much better today, only coughed once or twice, no hives anymore.  We're going to start his antibiotics and the rest of his treatment though, better safe than sorry.

So there you go, that's what's been going on life's what's happening in Homeschooling::::


Nicholas:::  Social Studies learning all about being fair, the emancipation procramation, Thurgood Marshall and Susan B. Anthony.

Social Studies

Science:::   Day and Night, what makes it happen.

Science: Day and Night

Art:::  Primary and Secondary colors

Art: Colors

Jasmine:::  Art:  Pottery and Clay

Art:  Pottery

Boy did they have fun with this one, they each got to make their own clay and used food coloring until they achieved the color they wanted.

Art:  Pottery

Art:  Pottery

Art:  Pottery

Here is her finished product

Art: Pottery

We've started Unit 2 and they're enjoying all the new lessons. This has been such an amazing journey for us and we're seriously considering never going back to public school :)

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