Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Crafty Corner - Crochet Votive Candle Holder

I haven't had much time for crochet lately, matter of fact I'm missing my African Flower Blanket and need to find some time to get working on it.

But last night, the family and I sat and watched Everybody Loves Raymond and as we did, I pulled out my crochet hook and a small ball of yarn I had laying around and whipped up this quick jar jacket, which turned into a votive candle holder.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

I didn't really use a pattern but I did use inspiration from Lucy's Jar Jacket tutorial.

I ended up making two, one is a candle holder, the other is holding our pens and pencils on the homeschooling desk.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

I'm planning on making a bunch more in different size jars, all in white yarn and making a collection for one of my shelves, I think it will look really pretty.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

I didn't stick with a double crochet stitch.  I did the first row in DC but then switched to a series of 4 DC in one stitch, skipped 3 stitches, then another 4 DC in the next stitch etc.  Just repeated until the size I wanted, then ended with a single stitch all the way around.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

Took me about 30 minutes to complete.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

Love the candle glow.  I'm using little votive candles which burn out pretty fast.  I didn't want the jar to get too hot either.

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

I'm also thinking of buying the little LED candles and using those too.

So there you go, that's what was on my crochet hook yesterday and what will be on there for another day or two.  I'll come back and show you a picture of the finished jars when it's all complete.

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