Saturday, January 29, 2011

You know you're getting old when.....


after a day of giving your son's room a really good deep cleaning, you sit in bed with the most grating pain in the lower back.

Oh it's not just from the room, the older I get the worst my back feels.  Do you know that I can't stand and do dishes for more than 5 minutes without feeling my lower back screaming in agony?  Do you know that the same goes for sweeping and mopping?

Doing dishes

I'm 36 years old folks, I understand that I'm no spring chicken anymore, but I'm also still young, so this pain is very irritating.

So after this week of pneumonia's and hives and whatever, I've been on a cleaning spree, I pretty much follow Nicholas around with a can of lysol and a bottle of hand sanitizer, I'm determined to keep the germs away from the rest of us.

I do the usual daily cleaning but now that he seems to be well on his way to a full recovery, I gave his room a really good cleaning this morning.  He helped me.


The curtains were removed and tossed in the washer, the blinds were vacuumed and wiped clean with bleach and the same went for the window sill and the toys on it.........except for the part where I throw the window sill and the toys in the washer.

Nic cleaning

He takes his job very seriously, he washed all of his cowboys by hand and insisted on putting them back where HE says they belong.

Having fun

Of course no cleaning is complete without a few short breaks of monkeying around on top of the bunk bed.

This boy cracks me up, I forgot to tell you that last week while we were at the ER, the nurse came in around 3am with his meds to take.  I had given him a glass of water which he filled to the top with ice, so it was really cold water.

She started passing him the meds and he started taking them but you know kids, they turn their noses and make these faces because it tastes gross, so in his attempt to wash away the nasty taste he started downing the icy water which in turn gave him brain freeze.  He put his cup down, grabbed onto his head and with this look horror at the nurse said "are you trying to give me brain damage?"  HAHAHAHA

My husband and I were horrified but I wanted to laugh so bad because the nurse's expression was priceless.

Puttering in the kitchen

After the room was done, it was back into the kitchen for me, some more puttering here and there, drying and putting away the clean dishes and dinner preparations.

Amish White Bread

The simplest and tastiest of homemade bread. A slice straight out of the oven, hot, melted butter and the biggest of smiles on the kids faces.

Simple Apple Crumble

But my poor back is rebelling against me, it complained all through the sweeping, yelled and yelled through the 3 loads of laundry and has finally taken to giving me the sharp little twinges while I'm sitting in bed.

I am going to attempt to bribe it into submission...maybe a cup of coffee and some apple crumble will suffice???

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I have the same back pain and suffer with it every day; through the laundry, cleaning and the occassional babysitting of the grandkids. But my six year old grandson says you know someone is getting old when they listen to easy listening music. Out of the mouths of babes.


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