Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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The Shelter of God's Promises by Sheila Walsh

The Shelter of God's Promises Participant's Guide

Talk about a book you don't want to put down.

How often do we forget God's promises to us as his children?  How often do we forget what He has done for us and promises to do in our lives?

The author talks about her personal experiences and she backs everything up with scripture, she reminds us that God is looking out for us, that He is always there no matter what, through the trials and tribulations of daily life, through the ups and downs and the good and bad times.  It's so easy to get caught up in daily life and to forget what matters the most, it's so easy to point the finger at Him and blame HIM for when things go wrong without ever stopping to think that maybe we are the ones straying.

What a great book, a reiteration of what being a Christian is, of the benefits, of the perks, of the rewards that await us not only as we go through our crazy life but once we go home.

Highly recommend this jewel of a book to anyone that is currently needing that reminder :)

The book is geared towards women and it is written in 10 Chapters highlighting each promise but chock full of scripture to back everything up.  You know how it is, when you read a Bible verse and you kind of sort of understand it but it's so much easier to truly take it in and comprehend it when it's laid out to you in simple man terms, in how it correlates to the here and now.

Provision- I Don't Have Enough
Peace- I'm Afraid and Feel Alone
Confidence-I Can't See God's Plan in this Pain
Love- I Don't Believe that Anyone Could Really Love Me
Grace- I Have Failed
Hope- I'm Broken
Strength- I Feel Things Are Crashing Around Me
More- I Know There's Something Better
Home- I have a Future

And if that is not enough, it brings an in-depth Bible study included in the back of the book, which I am really looking forward to doing.

Thank you Booksneeze for such a wonderful review copy, it's enriched my life at a time when I really needed to hear some of these words :)

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