Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Tuesday Happenings

It's evening and I'm sitting on my bed, surrounded by the wonderful scent of freshly washed linens and hearing the sloshing of the washing machine in the laundry room.

It's been a productive day, I've done much, thought much, experienced much and have come to the realization that this move is O.K.   Heartbreaking at first but I think I've accepted that it's fine, we're fine and we are where we're supposed to be. 


The day started pretty quietly for me, a hot cup of coffee while the kids were still asleep.  Worked on my grocery list and menus a little bit more, paid the bills and started a load of washing.


About and hour later I started hearing stirrings in the bedrooms and found Nicholas just quietly playing with his new gnome which mama sat up making last night.


They're not perfect by any means, I will have to make a few more and try different size needles until I'm happy with the result, but they're so cute, I can't help but love them.....and I'm talking about the gnomes of course HAHA



There was homeschooling, we worked on more cursive writing.  My boy does NOT enjoy anything that has to do with writing, poetry, reports, songs etc.  He literally deflates when we open up the Language Arts lessons.  But he's working hard and I love seeing his letters and words forming on the paper.


Mathematics, this is where he shines.  He absolutely adores Math and it shows.


More washing was done, this time all the bed linens


Floors were washed.  Knitted dishcloths are my favorite for cleaning, they work so well.  For my wood laminate floors I'm using a mixture of hot water, vinegar and a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol.  It works wonders, it's cheaper than floor cleaners AND doesn't have all those nasty chemicals.  It leaves the floors looking shiny and new...and if you're wondering.....no, it doesn't smell weird at all. :)


I also pulled out my crochet cupcakes in anticipation of Spring, and I realized that my kiddos have taken some and put them Lord knows where LOL  I guess I should make a few more?

After hubby arrived home from work this afternoon, I set off to the commissary for groceries, it was nice and quiet and I was able to get my shopping done without the usual craziness of payday hustle and bustle.

Back home, had a quick dinner of beef teriyaki and now I'm going to pull out my crochet and make something I've been wanting to try for a few months, will let you see when they're done, but here's a hint....it's for Easter.

Have a wonderful night friends :)

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