Wednesday, March 9, 2011

# yarn along

{ Yarn Along }

It's Wednesday and that means that Ginny over at Small Things, is hosting her weekly Yarn Along.

So here is my contribution for today.

I just received this book for review so I haven't started it yet, but it certainly looks interesting.  A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer.

When Life magazine sends strikingly beautiful photographer Claire Shipley to report on a promising new medication made from green mold, Claire, 36, the single mother of a young son, who lost her daughter to blood poisoning eight years before, is moved by the drug's potential to save lives. She also becomes smitten with resident doctor James Stanton, a man with two interests: penicillin and bedding Claire. But as the war casualties pile up, penicillin becomes an issue of national security and the politics of the drug's production threaten to disrupt the pair's lust-fueled romance, especially when James is sent abroad to oversee human trials of the drug. The pharmaceutical companies—including one owned by Claire's father—realize the financial potential in penicillin, which leads to a hodgepodge of soapy plot twists: suspicious deaths, amnesia, illness, exploitation, and espionage.

I think I'm going to enjoy reading this one.

But what about the yarn you may ask, well here is what I'm working on right now and absolutely loving every little minute of it.

A Mini Hexagon pillow for my bedroom.  These work up SO fast, I make about 6 an hour, just started and it's coming along very well. 

I'm going to try and squeeze in some hooky time today and see if I can finish the front.

So there you have it, if you want to participate, just go on over to Small Things and add your name to the long linky list :)

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