Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014!

I'm so excited about this challenge, I've never really joined any challenge before as I don't like committing to something that I am  not sure I'll be able to stick with.

But this one?  Right up my alley, and besides, I think it will be a great idea to end the year with a beautiful crochet blanket.

Does it mean I won't crochet anything else this year?  Absolutely not, I have a lot of projects in my list and I'm also wanting to finally start selling my creations, something that I wasn't able to do before due to unforeseen circumstances.

Anyway, enough talking, I will be updating this post with photos of my blanket progress.


4mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn
Simple Filet Crochet Starburst Squares
Joining using the Flat Braid Method

Day 1 - purple

Day 1

Day 2 - light blue

Day 2

Day 3 - Pink 

Day 3

Day 4 - Green

Day 4

Day 5 - light brown

Day 5

Days 1 through 5 complete!


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  1. That's fun you are doing this blanket! I am seeing this all over Instagram. I was going to do it myself but I am in the middle of a granny square blanket already. My squares are more than one color and very random. Your colors are beautiful! I can't wait to see your progress :)


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