Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday evening!


Hello my sweet friends.  Well, it's after 7pm and I am showered, in my warm pj's and sitting in bed with the laptop and my crochet.

It's been a bit of a long day for me, I couldn't get to sleep last night and ended up out of bed very early this morning.

So early indeed, that it was still dark out, the sun barely starting to come up and the dense fog engulfing the land as far as the eye could see....which wasn't much at all, to be honest.

I realize that once again, my last post was made on Monday and I haven't had a chance to come back in to post anything.  Ugh, I'm actually sick of saying the same thing over and over and I think it's best left unsaid.  Truth is, you all know I'm busy, I'm dealing with a lot changes, I am dealing with a full house and this and that and whatnot.

There, it's been said for the last time and now we can all just move right along.  Or so I hope.

My week has been filled with the usual going ons of a household, like cleaning, and homeschooling and cooking and laundry and dishes and the like.  With a little bit of crochet thrown in to balance it all out, because we can't have just chores, we need a bit of that which makes us smile inside, on a daily basis.  Even if for just a few minutes.


The weather has been quite cold and dreadful around here. We've had ice and fog and chilly temps with no end in sight.



Laundry, is it ever ending?  Though to be honest, I'm glad we have washing machines and driers today, aren't you?


Freshly baked cookies, gingerbread at that.  These didn't last very long, matter of fact, within a few hours they were gone.


Ironing and folding and packing away and then back to washing and ironing and folding and packing away, and so on and so forth.  *whew*


A lot of bread baking is done in this house.  Everyone prefers homemade bread to store bought so I stay quite busy cranking out loaf after loaf, cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls.

Oh and just like the cookies, they don't last for very long.


I usually make my Buttermilk Bread or the Four Loaf White Bread recipes, I love that they are very easy to make, always turn out well and are delicious.


And sometimes, a quick simple cake is whipped up. This one reminds me so much of my grandfather, my dad's dad. Growing up there was a time when my grandparents lived with us, and we used to sometimes tell my grandfather that we felt like cake. Do you know that he would get up, walk into the kitchen, no matter what time of the day it was, and bake a simple cake?

Oh how many times we sat up past midnight enjoying a slice of warm cake straight from the oven and giggling.

This isn't the recipe for my grandfather's cake, but it's still easy, simple and scrumptious.  Simple Vanilla Cake.


Although I've been horrid at updating my crochet mood blanket post (I WILL update it this weekend), I have been keeping up with it and it looks so pretty.  I think the squares that I picked are simple but effective, especially when you start lining them up and joining them, makes for quite a pretty effect.


I've also started another blanket, just using up scraps of yarn I have around. This pattern is from one of my crochet books, can't remember the name off the top of my head.


I just had to show you a picture of the bunnies we have living under our shed in the back yard. I don't know much about bunnies, but these don't look wild to me and my friend Michelle told me that they are not wild, they are dumped bunnies.

It saddens me to think that someone had these as pets and then just dumped them. We've tried to catch them and raise them ourselves but they are fast little buggers. So we keep them fed and hope to eventually grab them.


In the meantime, I'm glad they've found shelter under our shed and are out of this icy cold.


Well, I am hoping to have a quiet and relaxing weekend filled with crochet, some period dramas and some family time.

Oh and speaking of period dramas, I have updated the Period Drama List, added in quite a few series and some movies.  This weekend I'm hoping to actually split the list into two, giving you a Period Drama Series and a Period Drama Movies list to make it easier to find what you're looking for :)

Alrighty, my friends, I do believe it's time for a cup of hot coffee and some Friday night TV.

Good night and God Bless,


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Hope things settle down for you soon.

  2. I love how well your mood blanket is coming along. Very nice! The Simple Vanilla Cake sounds good. I think I will give it a try today! Thanks for the recipe and have a good weekend.

  3. Thanks so much for the update post...I get a little concerned when I don't hear from you for a week! Your weather, though difficult to live in, produces the most spectacular pictures!! Your days are SO busy, I know you've got to be feeling the stress...the mood blanket is looking so comfy and comforting. Hope you're able to re-charge some this weekend, with good coffee and Period Drama that gets you out of your "real" life and into the Darcy Life :-)

    Cyberhugs to you from Mississippi

  4. Oh Brrrrr!
    Don't wander far from your coffee, the weather is dreadful (but beautiful).

  5. your blanket is coming along so nicely..


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