Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Let's go back in time!

What do you say?

Now don't get all excited because I do not have a Time Machine sitting in my back yard, not that I wish I didn't, I think it would be so much fun to travel back to times gone by.

I mean more along the lines of traveling back in time through our TV's.  You with me?

I've mentioned before, well a lot time ago, that I am a huge fan of the BBC and PBS shows that take a group of individuals and places them back in time for a year or so.  It's always fun watching them adapt from a full busy technologically packed life to simpler times with no indoor plumbing.

As I was visiting my Happy Homemaker Monday participants, I saw that Schotzy over at Wings of Eagles was talking about how she just started watching The Manor House and how much she was enjoying it.  I immediately smiled because that has to be one of my favorites from all the different series.

Which got me thinking about all the other related programs and really got me in the mood to watch them again.  Since I know that many of my readers love Period shows, I thought it would be fun to list them here for your viewing pleasure.  Now, I've seen most of these, some I plan on rewatching, but others I didn't even know existed and I'm super excited to give them a try.

I think today should be my *take it easy and watch old shows while crocheting* day. 

But enough talking, let's get down to business.....here is my list of faves when it comes to this genre.

  1. 1900 House
  2. Coal House
  3. Manor House
  4. 1940's House
  5. Texas Ranch House
  6. Edwardian Country House
  7. Regency House Party
  8. Colonial House
  9. Frontier House
  10. Victorian Farm
  11. Edwardian Farm
  12. Victorian Pharmacy
  13. Wartime Farm
  14. Tudor Monastery Farm
  15. Tales from the Green Valley
  16. Pioneer Quest:  A Year in the Real West
  17. BBC's Turn Back Time Series
  18. The Wartime Kitchen and Garden
  19. The Victorian Kitchen
  20. Time Warp Wives
  21. The Edwardian Larder
  22. The Victorians

I've given you some links, but most of these can be found on Youtube.  This is nowhere near the full list of documentaries and series out there that pertain to this era, but I think it's a pretty good starting place for some fascinating and educational shows.  :)

If I've missed any that you think are fantastic and should be on the *must watch* list, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the list above.

My kiddos have finished all their schooling for today, so I am off to relax, work on my crochet blanket and immerse myself in days gone by.  Nothing better in my book.


  1. We watched Frontier House and enjoyed it. But WOW those were some disfunctional families, even before they hit the frontier! At least one family has divorced since the show and I'd be surprised to find any of them still intact. Thanks for the list. I think we will take a look.

  2. 1900 & 1940s House, and Manor House were my family's favorites, because the participants were genuinely interested in the project and sincere. I liked Colonial era one, but was turned off by how one couple let their egos get the better of them. I liked many of the others, but my enjoyment was less in series where, as stated, there was a great deal of dysfunction. I haven't seen all of those on the list.. I don't think my local PBS carried them all. There is one on the list, the first one PBS aired, titled Surviving the Iron Age, I believe it aired in 2001-02. I've tried locating any videoes online but thus far haven't had any luck. That series was by far the worst.. the dynamics of the group of people clashed terribly, and the producers seriously endangered the life of the participants, including young children.

  3. I've watched the Frontier House and the Victorian Farm. I'm going to check out the other ones.

    The first photo you have on this post looks JUST like the Victorian home at our favorite museum. OH I cannot wait to it to open this year...May 10!

  4. I love those type of shows, I've seen a few, but I seem to have missed a bunch. Thanks for the link!

  5. I am really excited to watch these! Thank you for posting the list. Best of luck with the house hunt!


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