Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Spring Blossoms

Hello my friends and happy Tuesday!

It's been a good day, but one filled with phone calls and paperwork.  I spent quite a portion of my morning getting some appointments set up, thankfully next week we will be going for our eye appointments.  Jasmine really needs to get back in there as her vision is just not good and I am thinking that she may need to get her glasses prescription changed.

One thing I unfortunately developed while in Arizona, was extremely dry eyes and I've suffered with them for the past 6 years.  It's affected my vision and I feel like the older I get, the worse my eye sight has gotten, so I definitely need to get it checked out.

Nicholas is just going for a yearly check up, I don't think his eyes need any adjusting, but we never know so we'll see.

After some confusion and back and forth with our insurance, we're finally back on Tricare Prime which is what we had while active duty, and it really is the way to go.

Remember I said that we have to move again?  Well our lease is up at the end of June and hubby and I have decided that we would love to buy our first home and finally set down some roots.  We've started the loan process and are back in touch with our agent.

It's such an exciting time but so nerve wrecking and scary too.  I don't quite know what to do with myself, but I'm leaving it all in the Lord's hands and just going with the flow.

It's meant a lot of paperwork, as I'm sure you all know, and phone calls and this and that.  So, yes, it's kept me busy today.

Sewing patches

In between this I've also had some usual housework, and some not usual housework such as sewing on some patches for my kids and nephew's Tae Kwon Do Gi.  I used to sew my husband's military patches on, I never thought that it was worth going to get the done and pay for it, when I could them at home for free.

But boy, did I forget that some of those can be quite stiff and hurt your fingers. I wish I could find my thimble, I know I have one laying around somewhere but just don't remember. It's probably in my big sewing box that I still need to go through.

Another job I had to get done today, was going through the weekly sale ads for our local grocery stores. I never used to pay attention to these, but since the retirement and moving back here, I've tried my best to really shop what is on sale and try to save money here and there.

Looking through coupons

I'll get out this week and run by the stores to pick up the few items.

Oh and I have to show you these, my husband knows how much I love my mason jars so when he had to go by Walmart yesterday, he picked these up for me.

Vintage Green Mason Jars

Aren't they beautiful?

Spring Blossoms

And speaking of beautiful, I am just loving watching Spring come to life.  Oh the sights, and scents and sounds, it's wonderful.

I'm sorry if I seem to jump from subject to subject, I've never been good at sticking to one thing, I guess I write like I speak and I'm always on the go and thinking about a bunch of things at once.  Hope I don't confuse any of you hahaha

So here we go, I'm about to do it again, you with me?  Switching gears to some shows I've been enjoying.  I've already told you about Granite Flats, do check that one out because I think if you love period pieces you'll enjoy that one.

Earlier today I made another post with a list of some great family programs and documentaries that I think my blog readers would like.  I was supposed to sit today and get some viewing in, but as usual, life happened and there were more important things to deal with.

I guess I'll try for tomorrow?  We'll see.

I'm going to sit down now and watch 19 Kids and Counting and The Little Couple while working on some more squares for my blanket.

Good night friends and thank you for stopping by to say hi and take the time to read my posts, I do appreciate it :)


  1. It seems like just yesterday that you moved there! Good luck in the house hunt :)


  2. ** I'm sorry if I seem to jump from subject to subject, I've never been good at sticking to one thing, I guess I write like I speak and I'm always on the go and thinking about a bunch of things at once. Hope I don't confuse any of you hahaha **

    Same here!

    Are you looking at homes yet? I pray that you find the one that is just right for you and your family.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Best wishes on your house hunting! Just fyi - if you're interested. I've used the coupon mom (couponmom.com) and the grocery game (grocerygame.com) for help in keeping grocery expenses down.

    Thanks for the TV show tips!

  4. Love those green mason jars. Regarding those patches, I remember sewing my daughter's girl scout patches on by hand, and my thumb and fingers being poked sore. That was my introduction to the importance of having a thimble handy.


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