Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spend the day with me!

Spring beauty

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic Thursday so far.  I'm having a pretty good one, which seems to have revolved around some sort of yummy treat or other.  Now how can that ever be a bad day right?

I thought I would have you spend the day with me and see exactly what I've been up to, from morning to night.

Be prepared, it's quite a photo heavy post but I know a lot of you enjoy those, and really what better way to show you than visually.


Early morning sunshine while drinking a cup of coffee, and I just had to show you my slippers which I just love love love.


Stepped onto the deck, only to find that a new bird had made it's home on the previous nest. Last year we had a mourning dove make a nest and lay eggs and then we got to watch the babies be born and learn to fly etc.

It was such a sweet moment to witness, I honestly didn't think we would be blessed to see it again, but we are, and this time they are Robins.

Robin eggs

The most beautiful blue eggs. God is amazing!


I'm trying to get mommy used to me, making her realize that she doesn't have to fear my presence as I just observe from far.

Eventually she will understand.


Laundry day

I feel like I'm constantly washing, folding, ironing, and putting away. It's a woman's job and I think one that will never just be done.


With spring here though, I can start enjoying my clothesline again, and I plan on doing just that.


Morning cooking...

I got the crockpot going. Soda Pop Pork Chops was on the menu and since today was one of the hubby's class days, dinner had to be ready by 4:30pm. Perfect meal for just that.


And then I had to appease my craving for Egg Salad. I had been wanting it for a few days and had quite a few eggs that needed to be used up, so that is what I did.

Egg salad

Folded two loads of towels.

Folding towels

Lunch time...

Egg Salad sandwich, it hit the spot.


Watered and changed the water on my kitchen herbs and veggies

Regrowing veggies



Went outside to pick up the washing from the line, and the pugs ran out with me.


They just love the spring air and the warm temps, so they follow me and do their business, then wait at the top of the deck stairs for me.


Enjoying the green grass

Grass is growing

And the beautiful pink blossoms on the cherry tree

Tree Blossoms

School time with 4 kiddos. You know homeschooling is such an amazing experience, not just for the kids, but for me.


It's a time of learning, but also a time of bonding and talking and really understanding what makes them tick, and I'm so privileged to be able to do that not only with my own, but with my niece and nephew.

And who says school has to be boring??? I think it goes much easier when you have a yummy snack to get you through.


The pork chops came out so delicious, it's definitely on the make again list.  I will have a recipe up by tomorrow morning.

Soda Pop Pork Chops

And now I am sitting on the couch, relaxing, typing up this post and about to watch some shows while I crochet.

I think you all know my nightly routine by now :)

Can you believe that tomorrow is Friday?  And it's my son's birthday too, he will be turning 11, oh goodness, I need to stop time somehow.....but I'll be back in the morning with a post dedicated all to him.

Thank you again for always stopping by and leaving me such sweet and kind comments.  I appreciate them so very much even if I don't get to come around to your blogs as often as I would like.

Have a blessed night,


  1. One of the things I miss about our old house is the clothes line. Matt just recently bought me a drying rack. I cannot wait to take it outside tomorrow.

    The pork chops look so good!!

  2. I miss the days of homeschooling...
    Those Robin's eggs are gorgeous!

  3. what a lovely day Sandra...Food looks delich..I love seeing those sweet little adorable..

  4. I used to love the way our sheets smelled when my Mom hung them on the line! Nothing like it.

    Happy Birthday to Nicolas! Man time is flying.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day Sandra! I just love your pictures, especially seeing Spring coming through in greens and pinks & blues (those robin eggs are precious and God is good!). We still unfortunately have white up in the north where I am...but slowly thawing finally. Can't wait to check out that pork chop recipe. Have a great weekend!

  6. I love this post and your pictures. The pork chops sound delicious. I just recently asked my hubby to make a clothes line for me. I think until then I will settle for the drying rack and put it on the back patio. Also, where did you get your slippers or did you make them? I have a "small" slipper obsession and those are SUPER cute!

  7. I enjoy your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. Especially the one with the robin eggs. Isn't Spring the best time of the year? And Yes God is Good!

  8. I can't get over those gorgeous robin's eggs. Absolutely amazing. The blooms on the cherry tree are gorgeous too. I love the spring and all the beautiful colors. I so wish I had a place for a clothes line here at my house. The smell of the clothes when they come off is amazing and reminds me of my childhood. I also love the way they look hanging and billowing in the wind.

    Your sweet pugs!!! I love seeing those sweet girls faces.

    I'm so interested in growing herbs and regrowing veggies. I've been doing lots of research. My son is growing and avocado tree at school from the seed or pit in the middle so he is super excited about it too. Maybe I'll have a little garden helper this spring too.

    Your slippers are so cute! I'm dying for a good pair. I just haven't seen any I'm into quite like yours. Very beautiful.

    I love these picture heavy posts. With your gorgeous pictures, you make even the most nothing things, like boiling eggs, look beautiful and entertaining. (Was your pretty nail polish inspired by those beautiful robin's eggs?) I love these little peaks into your beautiful world.


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