Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring has sprung and the end of school is nearing!


Though not with some lingering cold weather.  Brrrrr!!!

So, how are you doing my friends?  I have missed everyone, I've missed my posts, I've missed having time to come around here and visit everyone.

This past week just flew by without me even noticing.  I've been so busy and I know you're probably sick of hearing that, but it's the plain and simple truth.  Just crazy life around here. Did I tell you that laundry is the main culprit? It sucks away chunks of my day, like nothing else. Never.ending!!!


It's always like this when we near the end of the school year, there are tests and projects, and work to be finalized and kids who are soooooo ready for their summer break.  Makes everything a little harder but we push through like every year.


Right now I have an 11th grader (my niece) who is in the middle of finishing up this year, doing her SAT's next week and also doing a bunch of dance competitions this month.  It's busy and she's nervous but we are doing our best to help her.

My daughter who is in 9th grade is also plodding along as well as can be.  She is a straight A student, which brings us pride like nothing else, and she's also doing great in her Tae Kwon Do.

Then I have the two 5th graders, my son and nephew, and well......let's just say that boys will be boys right?  They are not particularly fond of school and some days go better than others but we're getting there.  They're also doing really well in Tae Kwon Do.

In the middle of all this, we have now started the process of house hunting, yet again, and hoping that this time we can actually buy our first home so we never have to move again.  I'm quite ready to put down some roots, and really settle in to a house without having to worry about nail holes on the wall, or passing an inspection when I move out.

My husband is working two jobs, and going to school full time with an actual in class course, Chemistry.  It's long hours, it's exhausting for him but he is so determined and such a hard worker that I can't but feel proud of having him as a husband.

And then there's me, holding it all together and trying my very best to be a good wife and mother and aunt and sister and homemaker.  It's tiring and there's days that I want to just crawl into bed and take a super long nap, but that is not allowed.

I love it though, I love my crazy busy hectic always on the go life.  I honestly don't know how I would do things otherwise.


So yes, this past week has been filled with paperwork and house hunting and realtors, and retired military related stuff, like medical.  Groceries, and bill paying, the finishing off of spring cleaning, homeschooling, cooking and washing and driving kids around.

I feel like I woke up Monday morning and went full speed until this morning.  Nuts!!!

But now that I've told you what has kept me so busy this week, I can also tell you that there have been moments of quiet and self reflection.....I try to steal a few of those moments to myself every day, even if for just a few minutes of stepping out on the deck and watching and listening to nature around me.  It's so good for the soul, really it is.

Green grass

Just look at that green grass? Oh the joy it brings me.

Grass with dew

And if it's been raining the night before??? Even prettier. Those dew drops look like diamonds shining in the sun.

Trees budding

Spring has definitely sprung and you can't help but smile when you see how nature continues with it's cycle of life. Sometimes I sit and wonder how it knows when to lose it's leaves, how it knows when to grow new ones.

Trees budding

We don't need to say or do anything, it just does it all on it's own. It's so easy to ignore it and to forget that God has created such an amazing planet for us to inhabit, and he's created every single thing to the last minute detail.

Trees budding

Japanese tree

As much as I love watching the trees and bushes come back to life, I take just as much joy in watching the animals around me. My neighbor just got two beautiful little goats, a few days ago, and I am besotted with them.


I've always wanted goats and chickens and little pigs. I think this is the closest I can get to any of these things, for the moment. Those dreams are still very much in my plan for the future.


So yes my friends, I've been busy but I've also stolen a few moments here and there to just be. It's imperative for our well being to find a balance in our lives.

I'm hoping that as things wind down, that I can start posting more. I feel like I am bursting at the seams with things to tell you about and share, maybe I should just write it all down so that when I do get the time I can have plenty of posts going up.

Well, it's almost time for school, I need to give the kids some lunch. I also have to clean out the turtle tank because it's starting to smell, gross. I have an agenda that needs updating, I have some paperwork to scan and email and some reviews to go over for the blog.

Another busy day in my house. I am hoping your Friday is going well so far, and if I don't see you here this weekend, then I hope you have an amazing one with your family.

God Bless,


  1. Oh, I feel exactly the same way. There just is NOT enough time, is there? Sounds like your schedule this month is absolutely filled. Luckily, things slow down a little bit for me so I am hoping to get back to more regular blogging. (Love seeing the green grass and the buds! We are not quite there yet and I am so eager to get out of the winter doldroms.)

  2. And the beat goes on, doesn't it? I've decided that everyone is busy these days, just busy with different things...I understand the need & desire to have your own place where you can put down real roots. Hope it comes soon.

  3. Oh I know what you mean about is mostly my nemesis! It never sticks around long enough for me to give it a piece of my mind.

    We had a day of rain today with temps in the mid 40's. So it won't be long until I start to see the buds and green grass. As long as the snow stays clear of us.

    Andrew has been doing SO well in school since we brought him back home. It's like night and day. He is loving the online/video schooling. I wish we would have given it a try long ago. He has straight A's!!! It's been amazing to see his confidence in school and learning make an appearance.


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