Saturday, April 05, 2014

Pretty flowers!

Good afternoon friends, it's a beautiful sunny Saturday.  It's a little windy right now, but it seems to have only picked up early afternoon and now it seems to be getting stronger.  I'm just glad I'm in the house and not going anywhere else, because this wind kicks up the pollen and it completely messes with my allergies.

We've had a very easy going day.  As usual, our mornings are filled with errands for my husband and I, we've actually come to really enjoy Saturday mornings because it's our time to just be by ourselves and talk and shop and so on.  I adore my children, but alone time with my husband is crucial to our marriage.

Spring Bouquet

When we arrived home, I had the pretties flowers waiting for me. They were sent by Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings as part of their Spring Promotion, which I will be reviewing and doing a giveaway on sometime next week.

So pretty!!!

Pretty flowers

Yesterday I finally got around to washing my finished blanket and taking some pics to show you.  I am so happy with it, it's like an over sized lap blanket and perfect for sitting on the couch watching TV.

Crochet Mood Blanket

I was a little unsure on the edging, not knowing which way I wanted to go. But seeing that it's so colorful and it already has the beautiful flat braid joining method, I decided that it was best to keep it simple. White double crochet edging it is. What do you think?

Crochet Mood Blanket

Lovely colors in this one, and it's become one of the favorites in my house, so it's been added to the blanket basket.

Basket of blankets

Crochet blankets

I've now moved on to my next blanket.  Oh goodness folks, this one has been a bit of a pain, not because of the pattern which is very easy to do, but because for some unknown reason, I can't for the life of me remember what size hook I was using.

Crochet project

I've gone back and looked through my photos, hoping that by some chance I had snapped one which showed me the hook I was using, but nope.

I've been trying different sizes, I thought for sure I was using the 5mm but it seems to be very small compared to the first 4, so I changed my size to a slightly bigger one and then it was TOO big.  Good grief!!!

So, my solution?  Just use different size hooks thereby creating different sized squares and then joining them all in the end.  Who knows, it may look great, it may not, we will have to wait and see.

New blanket

But I love pattern and I love the colors and I'm determined to see it through.

In the meantime, I have another blanket in mind which I'm itching to get into, but I keep telling myself not to jump in, to just make something smaller. I don't know though, I really want to try the other one and I have so much yarn in my stash that I may just cave and go for it.

Please remind me, AGAIN, that I do have a blanket in progress, my colorful zig zag which was started back in Arizona and is still just sitting there. UGH!!!! The life of a hooker! LOL

Afternoon coffee

That's what I've been busy messing with today, and now I'm sitting down writing this post and enjoying a cup of coffee before deciding what I'm going to watch tonight.

We love days like today where we all just sit around and do whatever we feel like.  Jasmine is watching a movie on her laptop, Nicholas is playing a game on his laptop, my hubby finished all his school homework and is now playing a game on the Xbox and I was sitting here trying to decide what to do with the crochet, while watching some of my favorite Youtubers and their vlogs.

I do have Winter's Tale loading on the computer right now, that is one of the movies I plan on enjoying tonight, but I also want to watch Vikings, catch up on Revolution (think hubby and I need half a season to be caught up), and then Black Sails and Da Vinci's Demons.

If you have any suggestions for a good movie or series, please leave them down below, I'm always looking for good ones to watch.

Not sure if I'll do a movie night or series night, still undecided, but I am sure that I am about to get into the shower, put on my warm comfy pj's, grab my crochet basket and then on the couch with this laptop to decide what to watch.

Hopefully your Saturday night is not as indecisive as mine Hahahah

Have a good night friends!!!


  1. hi Sandra, i finally finished my spring cleaning..i wanted to ask you, do you have any recipes for natural room
    fresheners and deodorizers?
    take care,

  2. Sounds like a relaxing and enjoyable day. A lot of people around here like the series Granite Flats. I understand the new season (#2) begins tonight! I may start watching it. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful and your crocheted rugs are so pretty. x

  4. I love that blanket, and the colors too, it's lovely. I'm going to have to commit to giving crocheting a try. My problem has always been, getting a consistent stitch, not too tight or too loose.

  5. Love the flowers and your beautiful blanket. One of my goals this year is to learn to crochet.


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