Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hello everybody, how is your weekend going so far?

Mine has been quite busy actually, not surprising right?  Well yesterday was my daughter's birthday, she turned 15 years old.  Oh my word, how is it possible that she is already 15?

Beautiful Daughter

I was speaking to some friends on Facebook this morning, friends who I made through my blog when I first started back in 2006, so they have been following along and watching my children grow.  They were so shocked that she is already 15 years old because it seems like just yesterday I was sharing photos of her just starting Kindergarten.

Time just flies.

Beautiful Daughter

She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, she is smart, she is funny, she is sarcastic and quirky and a gamer girl.  She is not a girly girl at all, but once in a while she will dress up and get all dolled up and enjoy it....but not very often, she is more comfortable in t-shirts and shorts and hair up in a ponytail playing video games.

We just love her for who she is and we're so happy to see her blossoming.  I just can not wait to see her continue to grow, it's so exciting.  Did I ever tell you that she wants to become a Forensic Scientist?  Yeah, that's my child!  So proud.

Birthday Cake

She is a huge fan of everything British, not surprising there LOL So last year for her birthday I made her the Tardis Cake, remember that one? Well this year, I decided to go with a bit more of a sophisticated look, so I wanted a quite simple cake but still incorporating one of her favorite shows, which is the BBC's Sherlock.

Birthday Cake

I'm so thrilled with the way it turned out, I just love the profiles in black, and she loved it to bits.

I am nowhere near a cake pro, not even an amateur, let's just say that I have fun trying to decorate playing around with the fondant. Maybe one day I will think about really learning cake decorating, but for now it's just for fun.

Today was quite busy for us. My niece had a dance competition in Twin Falls, so my brother and sister in law went straight there after work yesterday and then up again this morning at 6am to head back again for another day of competition.

They asked us to babysit their dog Jax, and I of course said yes. But it's not so easy because he is quite a naughty feisty little thing.

We tried to keep him with us, but he wasn't getting along with our pugs, was peeing everywhere, whining and chewing on everything and getting into fights with Miss Lola.

We decided it's best to take him back home, so we did that last night around 10:30pm and they were supposed to have stayed overnight in Twin Falls, but ended up coming back home so it worked out just fine.

Today though, we picked him up at 8am, brought him over for a few hours and then had to take him back again and then checked on him another 3 times until my brother returned home around 5pm.

Lots of driving back and forth for the little one, but it's ok, I didn't want him to be completely alone because he's still a puppy.


This picture was taken right before he peed all over my quilt LOL Naughty dog.

Anyway, between all this, hubby and I headed out and got a storage unit here in town. We need one, but it will also be very helpful come time to move. They were having a great special at the moment so we ended up paying just $40 for two months. Not bad at all.

I wish I hadn't gone out though because the wind today has been absolutely horrid, it's whipping the trees back and forth and causing havoc with everyone's allergies.

I can hear the tree up against the house just slamming into the side, and this tree is the one where the Robin has made her nest and has her babies, so I keep going out there to check on them.

Robin babies

They're all huddled together. I am always so scared that the wind will cause the branch to give out or knock over the nest or something. Ugh!!!

Thankfully within 5 minutes of me being out there trying to support the tree branches somehow, the mama came back to sit on her babies.

Robin mommy

She is so sweet :)

So yes, a little bit of running around, lots of laundry going in the meantime, and some yummy food being prepared for dinner.

Curry Spices

Is there anything like the aroma of curry cooking on the stove? Oooohhhh I just love all these spices cooking away.

Right after dinner, I got everything washed up and the kitchen clean and I thought that I was ready to just take a shower and relax on the couch the rest of the night, but had to run back out to Albertsons to pick up milk.

While I was there I also picked up some more cough syrup and Vicks for my boy. Both he and my niece started getting sore throats on Thursday and since then they've slowly been starting to get sick, today they're both down for the count. She came home from her dance competitions and took a shower and was in bed.

My son is about the same, he already had his shower and is in bed too. I gave him some cough and cold medicine, rubbed some vicks on his chest and tucked him in. I hear him coughing from back there but I'm hoping that soon he will get sleepy and get some much needed rest.

And that was my Saturday.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to church, we actually haven't been in a few weeks and need to get back to it. I can't wait :)

Hope you're all having a good Saturday, I'm going to sit back, relax, crochet and watch the movie Labor Day.

Goodnight friends :)


  1. I can't believe Jasmine is 15 either. I've been following you for quite a while and it seems just a few weeks ago that she was a little girl. She's beautiful and so is that cake!
    The puppy pic is adorable, in spite of her naughtiness. :)
    The pollen is bad here too - not looking forward to the upcoming season. I heard it was supposed to be bad - they are calling it a pollen vortex. Yuck!
    The curry sounds so good. I love it, but no one else in the family does, so I have to settle with getting it when we go out.
    Enjoy tomorrow!

  2. They grow up so fast! One day they're 15, and before you know it, they're 20. Enjoy each moment as they come, they're all too brief. :) What a beautifully decorated cake! You are a dab hand with the fondant, it's not easy to do.. I'll bet she was so touched by your creation for her.

  3. your baby girl is so beautiful..Love her hair color, so pretty..Beautiful cake ...
    poor pup, peeing all is so cute though..
    have a great Sunday Sandra...

  4. Happy Birthday, Jasmine! I would love to know you because you and my daughter (19) have some similar tastes...Sherlock and Dr. Who, and being sarcastic...yup, quite similar! That cake is fantastic, on with Benedict's profile (and his sidekick, too..just kidding, Dr. Watson!)

    What a busy day...hope Sunday will be a bit slower and less windy and that nic starts feeling better :-)

    As always, i so enjoy hearing about your life. Thanks for the Jasmine pictures...she is lovely and her personality shines through!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jasmine. 15 is a fun age. Sounds like she is a good kid! I love the cake you made for her. Hope your family is feeling better soon.

  6. Jasmine is a lovely young lady. She has grown up fast and your son is not far behind. I hope he feels much better soon.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Best wishes to Jasmine...
    I love your Indian kind spice box I have one at home to (we have to have it with the spices we use everyday)
    Love the innocent look in Jax's eyes.So cute , cannot imagine a naughty Jax

  8. Hello. Me here. I am catching up. As in reading epic numbers of posts. However, I know the basics, because of Fbk, of course, but it is lovely to be back in the blog reading habit. And, so help, me, I actually posted something short too. It takes a long time to get back to the way things should be! (And I will say it again - I cannot believe how grown up and gorgeous your girl is. Just stunning.)

  9. Love the picture of Jasmine in the dress! She looks awesome. And look at you making the fancy cake. Great job you did!


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