Changing leaves.....

9:54 PM

I don't know about where you all live, but here, in beautiful Idaho, I am starting to see the trees start to change in preparation for Autumn.  Oh that thrills me so very much!

I started noticing a few days ago and it almost seems like every day I step outside, there is a new tree starting to change.


Just gorgeous.


But it is not just the changing colors that are signalling the fast approaching Autumn.  The mornings have gotten downright chilly, it was 40 degrees when I got up at 7am.  Brrrrr!!!!

The days have certainly gotten shorter too, and the nights have also become chillier.  We still get pretty warm during the day but there is no denying that the long, hot days of summer are finally over.

I am rejoicing, as much as I love a good lazy summer day, I much prefer the cooler Fall weather.

I'm trying very hard not to pull out all my decor at change it up already.  I have walked past it's boxes in the garage quite a few times and have found myself wanting to just go for it, and so far I've resisted, but to be truthfully honest, I may just cave in tomorrow and start decorating for Fall.

It's not that far off right???  Honestly, how many of you have already started it too?  Don't be shy now, I know some of you have.


And it's not just the outside foliage that is turning color, my inside flowers have also begun changing. This beautiful usually yellow flower, is now a very ugly brown, even though the leaves continue to be a vibrant green. Another sign.


I had to move my tomato plant from the window sill to the ground, in the corner of the kitchen by the chalkboard, as it's gotten so big it was starting to hang.  It is doing so well though and I'm excited for the tomatoes to grow.


I had told you a few weeks ago that I had moved my planter out to the deck.  The lettuce which I had started to grow died pretty much within the first few days of being outside.  The spinach survived.

So I had started growing lettuce from seed, inside.  All the plants seem to just love the dining room window.  It had gotten pretty big though, so this morning I transplanted them to the bigger planter with the spinach, and I also moved it back into my kitchen where they seem to thrive.


I also pruned my Lavender plants the other day.  The one didn't seem to do too well and I think it's pretty much dead at the moment, but I'm going to keep it and dry the lavender on there and see how it does next year.

This one above however, is doing so well and growing new flowers.  So pretty.

As the weather starts changing, one of the other areas I'm noticing it in, is my sciatica.  Oh goodness, this morning I woke up and couldn't even walk properly.  Every step that I took with my left leg, the minute the foot hit the ground it was like a knife.  Took a while for it to start feeling better, but as the morning went by and the temperatures heated up, it went away.

I do exercises for it, that the doctor suggested, not so much during the summer because it doesn't bother me at all, but when it starts getting colder I have to do them sometimes in the morning and at night.  Quite a pain in the you know what!!!

Thank you all for the well wishes, it seems I did come down with a bit of a cold, so I've been getting in lots of orange juice and mugs of hot tea with lemon and honey.

Because of all the tea I've been drinking and also because it is that time of year, I am starting to use my mug cozies again.  I have quite a few already but I always feel like you can never have enough, so I'm making some more.


I am also currently making a cozy for my French Press.  I will show you tomorrow, whether it's finished or not, I'll take a picture.

I have to say that I am so glad it is Friday though.  It's been one of those weeks, between me not feeling very well and the amount of school work we have this year, I have found myself sometimes confused on what day of the week it is, and just trying to keep my head afloat. 

You've surely noticed that I haven't been the best at visiting your blogs, posting on my own blog etc.  It is just everything together at the moment and I'm sure once I get it all under control, I can relax a bit and go back to finding time for everything in my day.

Speaking of that mug of tea, I think it's calling my name so I'm going to head on down to the kitchen, fix myself a cuppa, bring it up and do some crochet while I watch Broadchurch, oh and I'm on the last episodes of it too.  I really need to find something else to watch after this, I seem to be going through these shows so fast.

Any ideas???

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  1. I can't wait for Friday. I think once the first month of school is done it'll be better but for now....just ugh.

    Here the signs of fall are little more subtle as far as nature is concerned. Their are other ways we Louisianians know that fall has finally arrived though, football. This weekend is the kickoff for school football and of course the NFL. I can always judge what time of year it is by how stuck to the tv Mike is.

    I'm all dry on show recomindations at the moment. I'm still catching up on the last 3 seasons of Criminal Minds and rewatching Star-gate SG1.

    Enjoy the break in the weather.

  2. I am sure ready for fall. I love your fun mug cozies!

  3. Sorry to hear about your cold and sciatica. Not a nice combination at all. I sometimes have a trapped nerve in my shoulder and know how painful that is, so I imagine sciatica must be horrible. I hope that you are able to get some relief with the cups of tea with your pretty cosies on! Take care of yourself Sandara, I hope that you have a good weekend and a moment to find yourself some peace. xx

  4. Summer is still here. It's to be in the 90's today, with thunderstorms. Although it's hot, my black walnut tree is starting to shed leaves. Fall is on the way, but not just yet.

  5. I too almost got out all of my fall decorations the other day, but decided to wait until at least mid Sept....but maybe today is the day! Fall is also my favorite time and I don't think I can wait any longer...time for pumpkin spice everything and all the beautiful colors that come with it ;)

  6. It must be one of those weeks! I am sooooo glad that it is Friday. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and having a slow day.

    I just noticed the sugar maple is starting to change color. Oh yes, I have pulled out the fall decor!

  7. enjoy your blog! our leaves have been turning for a couple of weeks here on the coast of maine, but no low temps like you've had--mostly in the 50's for lows and still 75 for highs. i have put my fall decos out in the last few days!--karen

  8. HA! Tardis cozy is very funny! I've been watching Larks Rise to Candleford and enjoying it very much. My husband likes it, too, in fact he's the one who showed it to me because he recognized the actor who plays Bates in Downton Abbey. I'm really surprised that he likes these English period dramas..Downton Abbey got his attention!

    Hope you feel better soon,
    Elizabeth in Mississippi

  9. Well here in northeast Ohio the leaves are slowly changing, my bnlsck eyed susans are drying up the crickets are chirping, it is getting dark sooner but oh my word it has been hot!!! Its so muggy....we are suppose to have lower temps next don't get me wrong I love summer but when it gets just down right muggy, they can keep it...I have brought out a few fall decorations, nothing outside yet.. I have been making fall crafts like crazy though for the shop I sell in there fall open house is today and tomorrow....also working on Xmas goods for a xmas show Oct 4th.... I started some Xmas gifts as about you?

    Have a wonderful weekend hope you're feeling better



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