Leafware Plates - Review

5:34 PM

Leafware is a unique innovation in disposable dinnerware - this line of dinner plates, servingware and flatware is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. The line of green disposables was inspired by the ancient art of transforming leaves into dishes, a tradition that can be traced back thousands of years throughout Asia.

This chic and elegant dinnerware is perfect for those customers looking to host their events with sustainable dinnerware instead of wasteful disposable plates and bowls.

The plates are made of palm leaves, can you believe that?

I think they are perfect for dinner parties, but I just didn't want to put food in them for fear of ruining them, which is so ridiculous considering that is what they're for. So I sort of compromised, I used 2 to hold some food, and then took the others upstairs to my bedroom and they sit on my dresser with candles and bits and bobs.



I am so fascinated by the fact that they are made out of leaves....and the silverware? Constructed out of sustainable birch wood and is free of glues and dyes. So much better for food isn't it?

It was even featured on the popular Top Chef, check out those pictures here

So, for your next dinner party, or even with the holidays coming up, why not give Leafware a try?  I'm sure your guests will be surprised when you serve up a yummy treat in one of these beautiful dishes.

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