Friday, September 19, 2014

Show and Tell Friday - 09/19/2014

Good morning my friends, how is your Friday going so far?

I must say that I am so happy to see this day come around, I am looking forward to this weekend, not just because we get more family time, we get to relax, but also because Sunday we have the Air Show at the Base.

One of our favorite things to do as a family, no doubt.

Right, but we're not here to talk about that, we are here for the Show and Tell, so let me get right into it.

Show and Tell

What you see above, are my journals.  I started keeping a journal before I was married, I was in South Africa and in a long distance relationship with my husband.

There was so much going through my mind and I felt that I needed a place to jot it all down, to get it off my chest and on paper, sometimes wishing that if I saw it written down that I could solve the problem easier.

After we got married, I continued writing in my journals, because then I was in a new country and pregnant and a new military wife, with a lot of things to learn and figure out.

Writing was always a way for me to do that.

So I continued with my journals.

Show and Tell

They are very dear to me, and I love going back to read what I was thinking and feeling during different moments in my life.

I kept a journal too when my husband was deployed, and in one of those journals I have this letter that he wrote me from overseas.

I try not to read it very often because I find myself so overwhelmed and emotional that I can't help but cry.

Show and Tell

The journal above is from South Africa and this one contains all my thoughts and dreams and hopes and fears when we were in a long distance relationship. 

It's funny when I read it sometimes, I was a young girl without a lot of experience of the world.  Some of my worries were quite pathetic, to me now, but at the time they were all consuming and frightening.

I love reading the progression of our relationship.  Every little word on these pages has a story to tell, from giddy excitement of a late night phone call, or a letter received in the mail, or a little spat that we got into.  Everything leading up to our wedding. 

Show and Tell

This journal above, contains most of my thoughts and experiences from my first year in the USA, my little Jasmine, wanting to get pregnant again, friends and family and so forth.

Show and Tell

And some little hands got a hold of my journals, many years ago, and decided to scribble all over them.  I can't even get upset because I know it wasn't done intentionally to destroy them, and I can still read what I wrote.  It is, after all, a little memento from when my children were babies.

I will treasure that forever!!!!

Once I got my blog, my journaling kind of disappeared, or rather, changed.  I now do most of my writing and venting and talking on the blog, though it will never be the same as an actual journal where you know you can say everything that is on your mind and get personal without other people reading or knowing.

That part I do miss, and I've thought about restarting my journal writing, aside from the blog, I would love to have a book with everything that I can't say here on blogland.

Maybe that's what I'll do.....go journal shopping one of these days.  :)


  1. I love journals. i journal and blog

  2. My family and I were planning on going out to the air show this weekend,but something came up. It would have been so fun to possibly run into you!

  3. I write in my journal every night. It is a good way of keeping track of dates etc.

  4. Great way to keep track of everything happening in your family! I used to have a journal when I was a teenager, but then I didn't want to keep writing. The only thing I do is to write one or two loose pages on the last day of the year, and sometimes I forget to write it too!
    Have a nice and restful weekend :)

  5. I haven't posted about it yet, but when we were away we visited Louisa May Alcott's house and were told that she said that it was very important to keep a journal as you never know when you might want to refer back to it in your writing. I think that it is so lovely that you have these precious memories from times past to look back on. xx

  6. I kept a journal when I was a teenager but didn't keep it unfortunately. I have been blogging online since 2002 and that's pretty much been the only journaling I've done since. It's great to have a place to jot things down, and great for memories too. It's so nice you have all that.

  7. In my 33 years I have never written in a journal until this year and I have to say I love it. I write as though I am speaking to the Lord. So its more of a prayer journal/conversation. I can write anything and everything and I always feel better afterward. It isn't everyday but when something comes up or I'm frustrated or even when I want to give praise. It's therapy I swear:)

  8. I agree that journaling can be a great way to work things out. I have a devotional I like to read each day and then a journal to go along with that. I don't pressure myself to write in it every day, just when I feel I need to. It's my time to talk the Lord and work things out in those moments.

    I also have a more traditional journal that I only write in sometimes and I'm not as good about keeping up with that one our using it as often.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Hi
    You put my words in this post.. I am just like you I love to write and journal all the important moments in my life.
    Here in India we do not get pretty Journals , its only recently that I see lovely journals, notebooks in m y stationery but they are so expensive about double the cost sometimes even 4 times. so I get pleasure in just looking at them I never buy them.
    But I use student notebooks to write what I feel


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