Tuesday, September 02, 2014



There I said it.

I am cold.  This morning I got up and just like every other morning, I let the dogs out.  The air was so cold outside, real nippy and cut right through you.  I checked the temperature and it was 40 degrees.

Yes, I do strongly believe that Fall is speeding towards us like a freight train.  I am not complaining though, as it is, by far, my most favorite season.

I spent today puttering around the house, quite busy actually with chores.  The never ending laundry is a mountain that I don't think I will ever quite conquer, though it does tend to render some moments of reprieve, but those are so few and far in between that I choose not to really indulge, because I know that the very next day, we're back at it.

So I got laundry going, and then got busy in the kitchen.  The unloading and loading of the dishwasher is another chore that is never ending around here.  I mean, sometimes I sit and wonder how it's possible that 4 people can dirty so many dishes.  Sure makes paper plates very tempting, but I don't think I could ever quite give up my beautiful blue and white china.

As soon as the kitchen was taken care of, I had two loads to fold and put away, then had school lessons to prepare and go over, followed by bills to pay and a budget to work on.

One thing I've been keeping as well, is a notebook just like I for my menu planning and groceries, but for my budget and receipts.

Every month, I write down exactly what comes in pay wise and from where, followed by the expenses and then I staple any receipts or invoices from payments made.  It makes it so much easier to see where the money is going and exactly what my husband is getting paid each pay period.

By the time I was done with that,  Tiffany and Colby were over for schooling and we had to get that going.

Oh I have to tell you, I have been trying a different method for schooling.  At first Nicholas was on his own, but I noticed that both boys were taking so long doing things on their own, and they were skipping a few things and missing out on some work etc.  I knew I had to get back in there and make sure that they did everything expected of them.

So now, schooling with the boys is done in the living room.  I plug my laptop into my big TV and use it almost like a chalkboard.  Any videos that they need to watch is done on the the TV and they like it that way.  I can also go through each lesson and read everything and make sure they are doing what they need to.

My husband says I look just like a school teacher standing at the chalkboard Hahahahaha

Whatever works right???

What else, what else?!?!?!?!? 

I watched the 4th episode of Outlander.  By the way Carrie, had mentioned in my comments about this show and asked if I was watching, the answer is a big YES.  I'm a huge Diana Gabaldon fan and had already read the Outlander series so I've been impatiently patiently waiting for the tv series to start.  Loving it.

I also started last night and finished this morning, The Fall on BBC Two.  It is a brilliant series with Gillian Anderson from X-Files.  She is brought in to help the police in Ireland catch the murderer of a young woman, but it turns out he is a serial killer and is actually married with two little kids.  Such a good story, I couldn't stop watching and since there were only 5 episodes in the first Season, I was able to finish it that quick.  Now I'm dying for the second Season to premiere sometime this month.

Tonight, I started Broadchurch with David Tenant, who I absolutely adore.  It is also a very good storyline based on the death of a young boy in a small coastal town.  I've only seen the first episode but enjoyed it very much.

In the reading front, I just finished downloading a few books for my Kindle.  I got the new Jan Karon called Somewhere Safe with Somebody, The Shardlake Series by C.J Sansom which are Historical Crime stories based in the Tudor Era and Henry VIII, Maplecroft (The Borden Dispatches) based on Lizzie Borden and I'm still looking around seeing what else I can find.

Trust me though, I don't think I will ever get through all the books on my Kindle, but I can't help adding more to the collections.

Anyway, that is basically what my Tuesday has consisted of.  I did bake a ton of chocolate chip cookies, which may I add are almost gone.  Between my husband and kids and my niece and nephew, those cookies just fly off the plate.

Dinner was a simple steak with some cream sauce and rice.

And now, I am enjoying a cup of coffee, typing this post up and then I will get into my warm bed and read a little.  I am not feeling 100%, I feel like I'm getting sick, my nose is congested and I have a bit of a headache going on.  I am thinking it may be the changing of seasons and the cooler temperatures coming around.

I am wishing you all a very restful and blessed night for those of you going to bed soon, and for those who live in places where you are just waking up, then I wish you a wonderful day.

Hugs and love,


  1. Of the TV shows you mentioned the only one I have seen is Broadchurch, I think that you will enjoy it. It has a lot of twists and turns! xx

  2. I wish that we could be cold down here. It was still 108 yesterday. Still just too darn hot down here in Arizona! I agree with you about the laundry~ there is always too much. I loved reading about your day.

  3. Laundry... it certainly is a never ending task. I find delight in having it all done, even if it is just for a hour or two!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I am trying to imagine cold ... but it is still going up to 90 degrees here during they days!! :)

    I saw the new Jan Karon book at the bookstore yesterday ... I WANT!!!! I have a nook somewhere (my daughter's); wonder if it would be cheaper to download it. But I collect Jan Karon books, so I'll definitely want a hard copy one day.

    Have a great Wednesday. Hope you're feeling better. My son is starting a cold. :( I am doubling up on the Vitamin C!!!

  5. I loved both Broadchurch and The Fall. Did you know they are bringing Broadchurch to American t.v.? It is renamed Gracepoint. They brought David Tennant over to star in this one,too. It premieres October 2 on FOX. Laundry takes on a whole new level when you have two Cross Country runners. They ran in the mud yesterday and I have been all morning getting it out. I think I'm going to run over to the library and get that Jan Karon book. I read all of the Mitford series and I loves them. Have a happy day.

  6. Good idea for making the TV your school helper?.still VERY warm here with no hints of Fall.

  7. I just downloaded the latest Mitford book by Jan! Loving it! I have read the entire Outlander series and love the series, too. We watched "The Fall" and are now watching Moll Flanders, and are enjoying it, too. I'll have to check out Broadchurch, since we do seem to love the same things! Have a good Thursday!

  8. Oh how I can't wait to be able to say I. Am. Cold. - enjoy it! :D

  9. I'm definitely feeling the change in seasons where I live as well. My sinuses have been very angry and aware of the humid coolness in the air and the change in pollen. Ugh!!
    So glad that you're getting your schooling kinks all worked out. Sounds like you are all on a great track now.
    Those new shows you talked about sound so good! So there must be an online link to have access to BBC shows? I know you mentioned something in the past about what you watch those shows from...I'll have to go back and check. I'm so glad you watch Outlander too! I'm just loving it - and after each episode I go on starz.com and listen to the podcasts by the director Ronald D.Moore and love the insight into Scotland and the costumes and era as well.
    Have a wonderful day and hope you're feeling better!

  10. There is a chill in the morning and night now! I have been thinking about yarn and chai. Diffusing Thieves right now, so yummy.
    I'm on the 6th book (Echo in the Bone). Love me some Outlander!


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