Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good day!!!


This morning my husband decided to take us to Boise.  He has to go buy his Clicker for classes and another Physics book that he was missing, and since we hadn't been to Boise in quite a few months, we went along.

We spent such a nice day.

For those who don't know, we are about 45 minutes from Boise, so it's a bit of a drive and one of the reasons we don't go out there very often.  I know people who live here on base and in this area, that just hop in the car and drive there every weekend, but honestly, we just couldn't afford the gas alone.

After our stop at the University book store, we went to Barnes and Noble, as he needed to check out a different book.  If you know anything about me and my family, you will know that we are huge book lovers and putting us in Barnes and Noble, is very much to the likes of putting a kid in a toy store.

Oh goodness, if I could, I think I could easily spend a couple hundred dollars in there.  It is that much of a temptation.

I was very good though as we need to keep a tight hand on our purse strings this month.

I did go ahead and purchase a journal.  It's very simple, but I fell in love with the pretty green color and just had to have it.


I also picked up some book magnets as mine have vanished.  I don't know if I accidentally left some in library books and returned them like that, or if my kids took them, or if they simply just disappeared, but I have none left and was getting a little tired of using random pieces of paper to mark where I was reading.


Shouldn't be a surprise that I picked the Keep Calm with Union Jack ones, is it? :)


Also grabbed this magazine, which I've been wanting for a very long time.  It is filled with tons of great projects that I can't wait to get into.  There is a crochet pillow especially that I will most definitely start tomorrow.

We went by the mall too, just walked around, didn't buy anything.  We quite enjoy window shopping, though there are of course a few things that we see and we wish we could get, but for the most part we are quite happy just walking around together.

By the time we arrived home, it was 3pm.  Didn't stay in Boise very long at all, but the time we spent there was certainly enjoyed.


Tomorrow morning we're headed to the Air Show on base.  I really can't wait, and you know I will come share the photos afterwards.

They've been practicing above us for a few days now, mostly on Friday morning and afternoon so I managed to snap a few pics from the deck.



Super excited to see the real thing in action.

Well, I'm off, going out for a drink with my hubby, brother and sister in law.  We try to do this once a month because it's so important to have some decompression time away from everything, all the stresses and worries that hound us on a daily basis.

Hope you are all having a restful Saturday night. 

God Bless,


  1. Our family is the same way with Barnes and Nobles. We love it. I could spend quite a bit in there if I had the extra cash.

  2. I hope that you had a lovely time out for drinks, that is a nice thing to do. Love your new journal, the colour is beautiful, and of course I like your new bookmarks!! The airshow looks to have been good as well. A nice weekend for you I hope. xx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family day, Sandra. You and I are both dangerous in book stores! The journal is lovely. I found a similar one in purple last spring.

  4. Hi
    How I hope we had Barnes and Nobles and all the titles that I love and do not get here in India
    I have to congratulate you on the way you look at day to day life and thick positive.

  5. Sandra,
    would love to see the pages of your journal and how you decorate or write on it.


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