Little bit of Fall inside!

10:04 PM

Pink Roses

Well, I tried, but I couldn't hold it off any longer.

Some of the Fall decor has started to creep into the house, not in a lot of places yet, but the Kitchen and Living Room are starting to see some little touches here and there.


I wanted to wait at least until the first official day of Fall, but with the mornings getting darker and cooler, it just feels like Fall is already upon us and so, I have to follow my heart.  Fall decor it is.

Or, beginning of Fall decorating it is!


My pumpkin garland that I made last year.  So cute!


Kitchen window.  The autumn garland was bought at the dollar store, back in Arizona. 


These pumpkins were also purchased at the dollar store.



See?  Not a lot, but enough to start making it feel like summer is definitely over.

I always seem to get a surge of energy when it comes to crafting around this time of the year.  Maybe it is the impending Christmas looming around the corner, or maybe it's just that the colder temperatures and the longer nights, make for some very enjoyable moments sitting by the fire with my knitting or crochet in hand.

Anyway, whatever the case may be, I tend to crank out a lot more projects between September and December.

Here's my latest.  I showed you the other day the beginning stages.  I chose to use colors that reflect the chairs and table in the kitchen, and I think I managed to achieve that.

French Press Cozy

Adorable!  I didn't follow a pattern, I made a chain big enough to fit snuggly around the french press, then alternated colors and single and half double crochet rows.  I finished it off with a row of single crochet around the edges.

One thing is missing, the button, which I haven't yet sewed on. 

French Press Cozy

Next on the hook, some matching mug cozies.

I don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me enjoy drinking coffee and tea out of mugs with cute knitted or crocheted cozies.  

Actually, tomorrow I'll be making a Mug Sweater, I've been wanting to give it a try for a while so we'll see how it goes.  I do hope it turns out well because the idea of a little cozy with arms and little mittens just makes me giddy.

Right now, I'm going to work on the legwarmers for a smidge more.  Hoping to finish them soon.

Have yourselves a wonderful restful Monday night, and I plan on doing the same :)

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  1. Just the perfect amount of fall. You found some cute things at the dollar store, I think I need to go and check ours out to see what they might have. I love your pumpkin garland, that is too cute.

  2. The past two nights here in England it has gotten dark so early. Makes it feel like Autumn is well and truly on it's way. I too tend to knit more in the winter. There is definitely something about the longer cooler nights that inspires my crafting.


  3. Well the almost freezing weather and the snow falling in Alberta has definitely made it feel like fall this week! I've gone as far as bringing out the fall smelling candles. I'm still holding out for the blast of Indian summer we usually get. I'll have to do the decorating in bits and pieces too, I guess.

  4. I LOVE your adorable pumpkin garland! I've pulled out the fall things too. Colder weather makes me want to put all the summer decor away.

    I've been thinking of making mug cozies. Great way to use up scraps in favorite colors.


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