Monday, October 20, 2014

Last Roses....


I thought my rose bushes were done flowering, but this past week they seemed to have gotten a second wind and suddenly the wonderful aroma of roses permeated the air.

I decided to get a few last in my house, before they're done for the year.


They smell so amazing and they are just the most beautiful shades of pink, aren't they?

I've also been collecting their petals as they fall, and placing them in a small jar.

While I was out there, I snapped a few more pictures of Fall's colors. The tree right outside my kitchen window has now turned a gorgeous shade of red.


Some green leaves hold on for dear life, I guess they're desperately holding on to summer, but I'm sure very soon they too will join the ranks of deep reds and oranges.



One thing I've noticed is how the neighborhood fruit trees have come alive too, and it makes me a little jealous that I don't have fruit trees in my yard too. I think when we buy a house, I will devote a section of the yard to fruit trees, imagine having your very own orchard right outside the back door?


Apples and apples galore, my neighbor to the left has the tree brimming with them.

And the neighbor right behind us has a cherry tree, just look at how many are on that tree? Goodness. I wouldn't mind a cherry tree myself.


It's amazing being outside right now, the temperatures are wonderful and the whole town is surrounded by these beautiful colored trees. No wonder I love Fall so much, and claim it to be my favorite season of all.



But Fall is not only about the trees for me.  I've been pulling out my crochet and knitting and trying very hard to get started on some Christmas projects.

And then there's Fall TV, with all the good shows starting.  I don't have Dish, just Netflix but we watch all of our shows online and never miss a single episode of anything.  I love the fact that most of these online sites post the new episodes within an hour of them airing.

So I thought I would tell you about the shows I'm currently enjoying, of course starting with the UK ones.

Downton Abbey, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I can't wait until January to watch it on PBS.  I use Hola Unblocker to watch live, and if I'm not home at the time it airs on Sunday afternoon, then I watch it online.

The Great Fire.  If you know about The Great Fire of London, then you'll want to watch this one.  There's only been one episode and I believe it is 4 episodes long, but the first was really good, I enjoyed it immensely.  If you want to watch the first episode online, you can do so through this link.

Grantchester, I'm not too sure about this one right now, I'm sort of on the fence?  But I'll continue watching because many times I start a series off thinking it's not good and within a few episodes I start loving it.

Doctor Who.  Ok, I totally take back what I first said about the new doctor being too old, or not thinking he would be good.  We're all actually enjoying him a lot.

For the shows in the States, I'm watching....

The Flash
Agents of Shield
American Horror Story
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Adventures
Walking Dead
Ghost Asylum
The Affair
 Star Trek Enterprise (watching every night on Netflix with hubby)

Good grief, when put down on screen, it seems like I spend my life watching TV, and that is definitely not the case, I only wish I had time to sit down and watch all of these on a regular basis.

The good thing about watching online is that when I do get some time on the weekends, I just grab the laptop, open a few of these and watch one right after the other.

What are you enjoying at the moment?



  1. Everything looks so pretty! And your roses are perfect in a mason jar.

  2. I think that your neighbours cherries are actually crab apples as the cherries would be long over by now. They are very pretty though, whatever they are! Love your roses too!! xx

  3. Love that squash on the left. I am definitely enjoying the amazing fall weather we're having. And I'm enjoying the beautiful colors right now, and the smells and crunch of the leaves. Love fall.

  4. You always capture the beauty in everything, Sandra... I love your photos so much!! You are gifted in so many ways! <3 The only show i'm watching right now is Downton Abbey, it's SOO good I can barely wait from week to week for a new episode! LOL!!

  5. I love the flowers in the green tinted mason jar!!!


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