Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PSAT testing!

Good morning friends, how are you all doing this beautiful Wednesday?

It is actually cloudy here and 55 degrees, we're supposed to get some showers this afternoon and I do hope they come down as I love a good rain shower.

I am currently sitting in Boise as Jasmine takes her PSAT's.  Her PSAT's, I can't believe she is doing this right now, I feel like just yesterday I was picking her up from Kindergarten.  Why does time fly so fast?

I tried to take a few photos with my tablet, so they're not the best quality, but just to show you where I am at the moment.  I have my Nicholas with me, we all had to be up at 6am this morning, and no one got good sleep last night so we're red eyed and tired and just ready to go home and relax.

It's not like I can even go for a drive anywhere, as I don't have my car.   It's Wednesday which means Curt has classes this morning, so he dropped us off at the testing site and headed to BSU, he'll come pick us up after his last class which will be only after 1pm.

Yes, it's going to be a very long day for the kids and I.

And did I mention that I'm tired?  So very very tired and a little on the cranky side, though you wouldn't know it if you crossed me this morning, as I have my smile plastered on my face.  I figure if I smile it will slowly chip away at the crankiness and maybe not make me focus on the exhaustion?  We'll see if that works.

Alright, let me show you real quick where I am at....


See?  Not the best of quality, actually quite awful taken with the tablet, but it will do just to give you an idea.


Thankfully this testing location is quite nice and has a few areas where we can sit and wait on the students.   I still remember 2 years ago back in Arizona when we went for the State testing and they had no place for the parents to wait, no wifi, no chairs, nothing.  It was quite horrible.

Anyway, Nicholas and I are hanging out here, on super comfy chairs, with our laptops.  I'm taking this time to catch up on emails and other computer work, and my Nic is working on his school lessons for today.  He is so tired, he has nodded off on the chair a couple times, poor thing.

We still have about a hour to a hour and a half left of testing, and I wouldn't be surprised if I fell asleep here shortly hahahah

Right, now that I have that out of the way, I thought I would show you my pictures of the Halloween decorations we put up, I thought I had taken pictures of everything but I didn't.  I have no clue why, but here are a few, and some other random pics thrown in from my day to day.


Jasmine decorated this bush, and I know I'm a horrible mother but when she happily shouted out "Mom, please take a picture of my bush", I started laughing, and may have snorted a bit.  She didn't find it too funny cause all I got was a "WOW mom, really?"  LOL


My trusty bats have come out again.  I don't know what it is about these, I think they're such a simple decoration but so cute for Halloween.  I need to cut more out because I want to place them all around the living room walls.


This cutey underneath holds my candy corn and other Halloween Candy.  I think it's adorable.  I found it a thrift store, I think it was actually Goodwill back in Arizona, and he was only $2 so I couldn't leave him behind.


See, not many decorations, I really must take photos of everything else, I'll probably do that later tonight.

Saturday we went by the farmer's market, they are going to be shutting down for the year very soon, so I wanted to go one last time, and I lucked out as the sweet Mennonite lady was selling some beautiful beets.


Aren't they gorgeous?  And they were only $1.


Funny thing is that when I was growing up, I hated Beets, I always used to think they tasted like dirt.  My stepmother on the other hand, loved them and would try to serve it to us many times, but we would turn our noses up.

As I've gotten older I've started liking them, and I would say probably the last 2 years I've suddenly grown to love them, I mean I could eat them all day long and even snack on them during the day.


I boiled them, cut them up and pickled them.  Yum!

The greens and stalks, I fried up with bacon and garlic, little bit of olive oil.  It is so delicious.

So there you go, a few Halloween pictures and some other random, like this one of the Fire Hydrant....I don't know why other than the fact that I think it's pretty?


Right, back to waiting for Miss Jasmine to be done with her PSAT testing, and hoping that time flies so my husband can come pick us up and we can head home. I am so ready for a nap at this point.

See you all tomorrow, hope you have a fantastic rest of Wednesday!


  1. Hope Jasmine does well on the PSAT. Ken is taking it today as well. Just where does time go? He went to his first homecoming Saturday. He also finished this year's cross country season with a varsity letter. I am so happy for him but I can't help it I miss my little boy. Take care

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  3. I just LOVE that hydrant!! But I have a thing for all things fire and fire fighting!

    I know exactly how you feel regarding the kids growing up fast. I feel like I blink and they are grown. I cannot believe my "baby" is 15!

  4. Andrew took his PSAT at school today ... said it took about 4 hours. Hope your time went by quickly and you never had to get out the cranky face!! ;)

    And I too like that hydrant - I can almost see a carved type pumpkin "face"...

  5. Hope all went well for Jasmine today! Love your bats - so cute.
    I never liked beets either, but when I was visiting relatives in Poland I had several beet dishes that were all very good. I especially liked a sweet and garlicky beet soup that was a broth we sipped from mugs. Yummy!
    Hope you get some good rest tonight.

  6. Hope Jasmine felt good about the test when she was done. I'm not a very good "sitter and waiter" so I understand how you felt about waiting for so long.

  7. I hope Jasmine did well! I'm sure she did though. I look forward to your next proud momma post about your growing up daughter.

    I love your halloween decorations and I totally laughed about what Jasmine said to you.

    I've always disliked beets. I don't really remember eating them or them even being served in my house growing up, but as an adult I've tried them several times. This last pregnancy, we were at one of Shawn's coworkers house, and they served a beet and goat cheese salad that was to die for. I craved that salad for the rest of the pregnancy, and even after. As a matter of fact, I could really go for some of it now. I've never eaten the greens and stalks before. I'll have to remember frying them up like you did. It sounds really good.

    What a beautiful picture of the fire hydrant! I've said this a million times and I'll say it again. You have this way of taking pictures of normal everyday things, that may seem boring or go unnoticed, and show their true beauty. What an amazing talent you have.

  8. I loathed beetroot as a child, but love it now! Maybe it was because, to my knowledge, it just came in bottles sliced back in the dark ages, and we don't get it fresh. Anyway. I am sure Jasmine has done well - the waiting is what drives us all crackers!


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