Saturday, August 04, 2018

{ Rearranging the bedroom - My Saturday }


I woke up this morning and just lay.  For once, I felt quite rested and had actually slept in until 8:30am, which is not something I usually do, but due to my insomnia making a reappearance the past week, sleep has been hit or miss around here.

But as I lay in bed and watched the sun starting to seep in through window, I realized that my bedroom has been one of the rooms in the house that I haven't really paid much attention to.   Yes, I clean and make my bed and tidy up, but I haven't really set it up the way I want it.


It's a beautiful room, it's spacious and brings in a lot of light, but I just want to make it more cozy, and so I got up this morning with the decision to change things up a bit, move this and that, add a little tough here or there and really just make it more inviting and cozy.


First on the agenda though was the usual cleaning of the house, and the piles of laundry which are just never ever ending.

Curtains and windows were opened, , I turned on the diffuser with my Lavender Vanilla scent, sprinkled some carpet deodorizer all around, got the dishes going and started my first load of laundry.  

Gave the house a good vacuum, dusting and tidying up, tossed laundry from washer to dryer, hung things up, moved them to the closets and drawers and then made a quick lunch for Curt and I, as we were the only 2 awake around noon.

We absolutely love Fajitas and we buy a prepacked mix from our local United Supermarkets.  I usually make it my self, but it's good to have these in the freezer for a quick meal.


After lunch, I got started in the bedroom.  I gave it a good clean, but also moved things around a bit, set up a small desk area for my computer, added a picture above it, hung up my mirror, brought in a little table and a plant and other little bits here and there.

The results?

A much cozier and warmer, inviting bedroom which actually makes me want to spend time in.  There are still a few things I want to change, one of the big ones is the wall color.  The previous tenant had it painted a salmon pinkish color and I don't really like it at all.  My bedroom furniture is all black and wood and it doesn't look good.

We will be painting our walls grey, but for now, we will make do with what we have :)

I'll take some pictures tomorrow during the day and share them with you.


The computer above used to belong to Jasmine, but she's since gotten herself a laptop and no longer uses the desktop.  I have a laptop myself but I have been wanting a desktop to use for my budget and billing, holding all my pictures and even blogging etc.

It's not a very fast computer, but it works for what I want it to work.  I'm resetting it to factory defaults so it will be practically a new computer, but as you know if you've had to do this before, it takes forever and a day.  


So seeing that it's now evening, I'm going to let it sit and reset, and in the meantime get this post up on my laptop and watching some TV.

I'm now completely caught up on When Calls the Heart, Poldark and Call the Midwife.  I've switched to Frontier on Netflix and am really enjoying it.

Well friends, it is time for me to get on out of here and get this post finished up.

Hope you all have a beautiful Saturday night, and I will catch you all back here tomorrow :)


fiona said...

It is good to change things up a bit.
The Bedroom especially should be a Sanctuary
and be as restful as possible.

I quite like grey paint

Take care

Jean said...

Always nice to make a space feel more inviting. I have a big long list of home projects I'm hoping to eventually accomplish. Hope you've slept better & had a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Doesn't it feel awesome to freshen things?! Love it.