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{ Shattered Silence by Marta Perry - TLC Book Tour }

About Shattered Silence

  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: HQN (July 31, 2018)
A woman on the run seeks sanctuary in a peaceful Pennsylvania Dutch community—and finds a protector in the most unlikely of men…

One moment Rachel Hartline is secure in her career and community. The next, she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time—watching her ex-husband commit a crime that puts her in unfathomable danger. Fear and hurt send her home to an Amish farm and the family she’s always trusted. But a private investigator is close behind—and he may be a threat to her in more ways than one…

Cold, calculating Clint Mordan isn’t convinced Rachel is as innocent in her ex-husband’s schemes as she claims, but when her ex’s enemies target Rachel, Clint is driven to keep her safe. Maybe the terror in her beautiful eyes and the target on her back aren’t an act. But as his feelings toward her deepen, Clint realizes he’s the only one who can keep Rachel alive in a game where only the killer knows the stakes.

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About Marta Perry

Marta Perry realized she wanted to be a writer at age eight, when she read her first Nancy Drew novel. A lifetime spent in rural Pennsylvania and her own Pennsylvania Dutch roots led Marta to the books she writes now about the Amish. When she’s not writing, Marta is active in the life of her church and enjoys traveling and spending time with her three children and six beautiful grandchildren.

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My Thoughts:

Whew, what a ride this book was.  I've grown to love mysteries and stories full of twists and turns, and this one certainly delivered it all and much more.

Let's stop for just a second and talk about the fact that it mostly takes part in an Amish Farm, and we all know how much I love the Amish and their way of life, so this was a nice glimpse into their way of life.

Rachel's life is in danger, and all because she walked in on her ex husband copying files from his bosses computer.  His constant dealings with the wrong side of the law, and needing Rachel to just go along and cover for him, put her in an impossible situation.  As much as she does not want to cover for her ex, she is also quickly made aware that she is now being pursued and possibly blamed for stealing certain files.  The truth is that the person who wants the files back, will do anything to get their hands on them, including killing if needed.

Rachel has to clear her name, prove her innocence, put distance between herself and her ex AND hopefully stay safe.

The only way to achieve that is to go into hiding, and the only safe place she can think of?  Her grandparents Amish farm.

In comes Clint Mordan, a private investigator hired by the people whose files are missing, and hot on her trail, he is determined to prove she is not as innocent as she claims.  There's only one issue......he finds himself attracted to Rachel and wanting desperately to protect her.

This is a well told story of romance and suspense, that will have you rooting for Rachel and Clint.

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