Monday, October 14, 2019

{ Blogtober 2019 - Day 14 - Pumpkins for carving }

Blogtober 2019 - Day 14 - Pumpkins for carving

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Blogtober.

Yes, I missed two days this weekend, due to some internet issues, but I'm back, thankfully.

Curt and I had to run a few errands today and while out, we picked up 4 pumpkins for us to carve.  It's been years since we've carved pumpkins, as the kids have gotten older, it's not exactly something they wanted to do anymore, but the past year or so they've shown interest in doing it again.

I think it's something we all go through.  As we start growing up we no longer look forward to things we pertain to be for little kids.  Then as years start going by you suddenly begin missing all those things that made your childhood such a wonderful one, and then once again want to go back to traditions and customs.

Think that is where my kids are at, so we are carving pumpkins this year.

Of course they also want to do it because they want me to roast pumpkin seeds, they're not fools are they?






And now just to show you, not pumpkins but the sewing project I've started on.


And also not a pumpkin, but this adorable blanket our daughter bought for us, it's perfect for this time of year.



  1. We had great fun at work one day, covering the conference table with newspaper, ordering a pizza, and spending our lunch hour carving pumpkins.

  2. We Don't do pumpking carving but I like it! My cousin does some beautiful carvings with her pumpkins - real artwork.


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