Friday, October 25, 2019

{ First fire of the season and hibernating }


It is downright nippy here.

The temperatures plummeted yesterday morning, right down to 30 degrees and then rose to 47, that's it, 47 for the day.  Throw in wind and storms, and I actually found myself shivering as I climbed into bed.

The same rain, strong wings and chill temps have continued through today.  I've been eagerly awaiting the first real cool days, and here they are in all their glory.



I donned on my first sweater and boots of the season too and braved the cold rainy weather to take my daughter to work.  If there's one thing I highly dislike, is driving in the rain, it makes me quite anxious.

Upon returning home, I immediately got the fire going.  There's nothing quite like the first fire.

The smell of the wood burning, the crackling sounds and the popping flickers of fire flying up from the flames.



I sat for a few minutes, just listening to the fire and the high wind blowing outside, but I can't sit in my jeans and boots, I'm the kind of girl that needs to immediately change into some comfy sweat or pajama pants and warm slippers.

I quickly set the house to order, got the kitchen cleaned up, why is that the one room in the house that is constant disarray?  No matter how many dishes I wash, how many counters I clean, there is always and I mean always a dish here, a cup there, a wrapper on the counter.  Never ending job.

But as I sat washing the dishes and looking out into the trees outside the window, I began thinking and planning, and a word came to mind, hibernate.

I'm not a bear but I do tend to hibernate during the cold winter days.  I wish I could say that I fill my tummy and sleep for 3 or so months, but that is not the case.

I hibernate in the sense that I plan, and prepare and gather all I need for the winter months ahead.

Summer months mean gardening, swimming, barbecues and constant on the go moments, and as Fall starts swinging around, I start slowing down and looking forward to the dark nights, the stews and soups, hot chocolate and crackling fires, and nights spent on the recliner with a warm crochet blanket draped across my lap.

October 12, 2017

It's not a question of if we will need firewood or if cold days will come, it is a question of when, and so we start gathering, chopping and piling wood months before.  We started back in July and still have quite a lot to get through.

October 14, 2017

Our pecan trees are full, their branches littered with big pecans ready to be harvested to or knocked off by a gust of wind.  In the next two weeks we will harvest them all, big buckets of beautiful pecans that will then need to be shelled, bagged for pie for the holidays and pecan milk for the fridge, the rest will be frozen to use as needed.


This is also the time of the year that I pull out my knitting needles and crochet hooks and work on new hats, scarves and blankets.  Of course you can buy these at the store, but there is something knitting or crocheting each item, putting your love into each row, not to mention that something homemade seems to be a lot warmer than the store bought ones.


Stocking of candles, long tapered ones and small tea lights for nights where the power goes out.

Making of apple butter

I take this time of the year to also can jam, applesauce, salsa, tomato sauce and anything else I can think of.

Honey, Ginger and Lemon

Cold weather also means colds and flus.  Every year I like to prepare for those with some store bought items but mainly homemade remedies that are sure to keep those sore throats and coughs at bay.  If you've followed me for a while you will no doubt have seen me talk about my Honey, Ginger and Lemon Syrup.  I make it every.single.year and make sure to refresh it and make a new batch as soon as October comes around.

This year I'll also be making a Ginger shot sure to pack a punch.  One shot of it each day will keep those nasty bugs away.

June 6, 2019

The garden will be put to bed, plants will be moved indoors for the freezing weather and plans for Spring gardening will be drawn up.

I find the cooler months to be probably my favorite time of year, we have all the holidays to look forward to, time with family and delicious food to be consumed. 

We also have dark cozy nights with candle light, snowy storms outside and holiday movies on the TV.

So I'm preparing and prepping and getting ready to hibernate into the cooler months.  Tell me, do you hibernate as well?


  1. I am still trying to accept the fact that colder weather and fall is here. I was so enjoying my summer and did not want to give it up. I'm a July baby and love my summers.
    The only thing that helps me make it through cold weather is the comfort of my fireplace.

  2. I probably will, this year. I just bought a gorgeous cabin up in Wrightwood, California. I have lots of firewood, and I am filling up my stockpile. Like you, I love to sit by the fire and knit. The house is so comfortable and has all of the amenities.

  3. Oh, I wish I could hibernate like a bear. I'm not so much a fan of the colder months. For some reason this time of year makes me feel tired all the time. But I do like that feeling of dressing cozy and being by the fire wrapped in a blanket and watching a movie. I also can't wait to decorate for Christmas.

  4. WE haven't had our first fire in the wood stove. I'm waiting on the chimney sweep first. We are not ready to hibernate either. We have wood to cut, and much to do outside yet. We are sort of behind this year, but no so far we can't get caught up.

  5. Well, we are far from real cold or cool weather here in NE Louisiana. And, we have gas logs at this stage of our life but we so enjoy them and I, too, enjoy cuddling up in a warm afghan and hibernating. This was a most enjoyable post with a glimpse into your day to day life.


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