Monday, February 06, 2023

{ Blog 365 #37 - Happy Homemaker Monday 02/06/2023 }

Good morning, and a very happy Monday to you all.  
It is a gorgeous morning here in Texas.  We have sun, and warm temperatures and I for one, am loving it.  Feels like spring already.
Anyway, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, and that it's not too cold where you're at.I wish you all a very blessed week ahead, hope the Lord blesses you and your families, abundantly.

Now, let's see what is happening in our homes.


The Weather:::
Currently 45 degrees, but we are headed to the 70s this afternoon.  I have laundry to do, so it will be nice to hang it out to dry.  Looks like we'll be having a pretty mild week, and then it looks like the temperatures are going to keep climbing into the high 60s.  Maybe Spring is on it's way.  

Monday - Sun and clouds, 75
Tuesday - Rain and wind, 48
Wednesday - AM showers, 55
Thursday - Mostly sunny, 55
Friday - Sunny, 53
Saturday - Mostly sunny, 56
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 61

As I look outside my window:::

Beautiful sunshine.  Birds are chirping loudly and flying back and forth between the trees.  Not a single cloud in the sky.  

Right now I am:::
Sitting in bed, working on this post and watching Sisi on the TV. 

Thinking and pondering:::
*sigh*  well we have another water leak under our master bathroom this time.  We didn't know there was a leak, until I received my water bill this month and was shocked at the amount.  We went to investigate yesterday, and found the leak.  We have a plumber coming out this afternoon.  
I'm honestly so over the leaks in this house, but thankful to God that we are finding them so we can replace all the old pipes.  Just hoping it's not very expensive.  Our last leak, under Jasmine's bathroom, back in December, cost us $480 in gas bill, and $300 for the plumber.  Yikes!!!

On my bedside table:::
My Kindle, TV remote, water bottle.  

On my tv today:::
Sisi - what an absolutely gorgeous series.  It is a German tv series, following the life of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria.  The only place I found to watch was on Bee TV, through my Firestick.  There is however another version of this series, that recently released on Netflix.  It's called The Empress.  I do plan on watching it as well.  
Here is the trailer below, for the German version that I am watching.

Listening to:::
The series on the TV.  I am so glad that I know Spanish, and Portuguese obviously, because I could only find the dubbing in Spanish.  Hahaha  

On the lunch plate:::
Probably Tuna salad

On the dinner plate:::
Cheesy Kielbasa Bake.  It is one of my oldest recipes on the food blog, so will be taking new pictures to update it. 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Cheesy Kielbasa Bake 

Tuesday - Copycat McAlister's Beef Stuffed Potato, Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday - Ikea Style Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Thursday - Bifanas, Arroz, Salada (Pork Chops, rice, salad)
Friday - Salsichas c/ molho de tomate, espargete, abobora (Sausages in tomato sauce, spaghetti, sauteed squash)

Saturday - Cheeseburger Gnocchi, Garlic Bread

Sunday - Frango com cerveja, batatas assadas, vegetais (Chicken in Beer, roast potatoes, vegetables)

On my reading pile:::
A Feather on the Water by Lindsay Jane Ashford, on my Kindle

On my to do list:::
Clean and tidy the house
Take out smoked sausage for dinner
Make sandwich bread
Make Tuna Salad
Bible Study

Plans for this week:::
Bake, bake and bake. 

What I am creating:::
Lucy's Crochet Bags and kitchen towels
Reading journal

My simple pleasure:::
Watching period dramas.  This year I really want to watch nothing other than period dramas.

Looking around the house:::
The sun is shining through all the windows, illuminating the rooms with this gorgeous warm light.  The animals are laying in the sunny spots.
I need to do some vacuuming and some tidying up, but other than that the house looks cozy and homey, just like I love it. 

From the camera:::
I have this special love for fog.  I don't like driving in it, but much like when it snows, there is this magic that happens.  Yesterday morning we had some pretty dense fog, but I took this photo as it was starting to let up.


Bible verse, Devotional:::
Today, I wanted to share this verse with you.  It is part of my new Bible study, and I think it's quite an important one to reflect on.  



Aritha Vermeulen said...

I will try your Friday meal too :-) Thanks for hosting this party, Sandra

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Glad you discovered the leak before it got worse. Hope you get that fixed quickly. Your menu looks great.

threesidesofcrazy said...

What a difference a week makes - love that you are no longer in the midst of that ice storm and having beautiful almost spring like weather. We of course are still cold, foggy and rainy here. We have a leak here too, but it's outside and somewhere that is not showing itself because the ground is already so wet. At this point we just have to wait it out another month or so until we can have a bit warmer weather to find it. Your menu looks delicious. Have a GREAT week.

Jean said...

I really hope spring is on the way, I'm ready! Of course, I'm also a bit cautious as I know we won't be "in the clear" for spring and all the planting I'd like to do for quite a few more weeks. Glad you found your leak, hope it doesn't end up costing too much. Have a wonderful week!

Sherry Jolly said...

Absolutely beautiful photo. I saved the Kielbasa bake to Pinterest - we have to try that. I think Jeff and I will love it. Tell me more about your reading journal? I have become even more obsessed with journals and planners this year. Have a very blessed week!

Luludou said...

Love the fog picture! Hope the repair is not too expensive and that it's the last one! Have a great week

A Runners Mom & More said...

Plumbing issues are the worst! Saving the Cheesy Kielbasa Bake recipe to also try. Stay strong Spring is in 42 days!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Hello dear Sandra! I'm with you on how wonderful period dramas are (don't you just want to live in one?) ... and I always envy you are multi-lingual in speaking and in food! Lol Love the pretty of fog too. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Enjoy the warm temps! xo

Deanna said...

Wish the series was in English. The trailer on youtube looks wonderful. The cosmos are awesome. Very sorry about that water leak. Blessings to you and here's to life!

Deanna said...

That's suppose to be costumes not cosmos. grins. typo.