Friday, October 24, 2008

My day in pictures!

You know those days when you don't have much to say because it's better shown in pictures? This is one of those, I hope through these you can take a little peek into what I've been up to.

Dishes in the sink this morning, they didn't fit into the dishwasher last night and though I hate going to bed with dirty dishes laying around, I had such a headache that I did just that....and surprise surprise the world didn't end.


Everything looks so much better when the dishes are done and the sink is spotless.


I moved into the laundry room to do a load of darks and now I realize there's a light blue sock in there, on the right. I don't know how I missed it going in, guess it was stuck to something else.


While that was going, I took a quick walk to the mailboxes across the street.


Then it's out back to restock the bird feeder. Boy can these birds eat, I'm constantly refilling this thing.


Since I was out there, might as well start the sprinkler too


It's about lunch time now, how about a Chicken Ranch Club from Lean Cuisine. Who knew they were so tasty?


After lunch I quickly baked up two loaves of bread, it's a new recipe that I was trying and it may not be the best looking bread in the world but I tell you, as simple as the recipe is, I'm surprised at how good it tastes. By far one of the best breads I've baked in a LONG time.


Of course I have to taste it, I mean, I couldn't have told you how good it was had I not sliced it quickly and slathered on a ton of butter....that's how I like my bread, with so much butter than you can't see a crumb LOL


With bread in hand I sat at the computer to check my email and Google Reader


I had some books to add to my shelf, so that's where I went next. Of course I stood in front of that bookshelf for about 30 minutes, just going through the titles and feeling all this happiness knowing that from 3 shelves, 2 and a half are books to be read. But we won't think about that next time we head to the library will we?


I walked by the kids rooms ready to do some major cleaning in there, only to realize that my kids are actually pretty neat. I mean, no clothes or toys all over the floor? Yes there's a baseball bat by the bed, but other than picking that up and fixing his bed covers (I don't know why they look like they've been folded, unless it was his attempt at making his bed)...what else do I need to clean?


The 9 year old girl's room, well now there is where you expect to see a tornado go by....and yet.....pretty neat and clean, minus the unmade bed she forgot. Still not bad though.


Wellmy house is clean, the laundry is done and so are the dishes and I think I'll just sit down and read a little before I have to pick up the kids from school.



Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Awesome post, Sandra, I loved the photos and the narrative and the lovely peek into your day! That bread looks good. I haven't been baking bread lately, trying to save on the calories, you know. I have to slather tons of butter on mine too, but now that fall is here, I feel more like making bread, and soups/stews too :)

Hope you enjoy the book and your day, and have a great weekend!

Posh And Trendy said...

I really enjoyed spending the day with you. Now I want to curl up with a good book and have a nice slice of that delicious looking bread.

Linds said...

I loved spending th eday with you! What a lovely idea! And yes, you have very neat kids - mine...... never!

MyJourneyBack said...

What a fun day. Finishing up the sink and having it look like that just makes you smile doesn't it.
The bread makes me hungry!
I hope you have a great weekend Many Blessings to you and your family.

Susanne said...

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this little walk through your day Sandra. How fun! I'm speechless at your shining kids' rooms. Good grades and clean rooms? You are one blessed mama! :v)

Susan said...

Sandra, I just Love your Blog!!!I found you from another blog and I visit you daily-You are so down to earth and I just Love that!!Your Day in Pictures I really enjoyed you keep a beautiful home ans I love your Pugs!!!Blessings,Susan

Elizabeth said...

I love this post. Thanks for the peek into your world! And for stopping by. Your support has been wonderful.

Mari said...

That was fun! I actually have laundry going now and dishes in the sink to wash but I made a pitstop here!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Nice way for me to wrap up my day, visiting your world. You wear so many hats well..great cook, mom, wife, reader...and now a wonderful tour guide. Amazed again at how awesome you are! Blessings, LeAnn

Amy said...

I so loved this, Sandra!! Felt like I was hanging out with you :D You are so cute! I love it!

Thankyou for sharing your day with us today... hugs.. Amy

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

How fun, I love this idea. It's always neat to get a little peak into someone else's life ;)

Have a great weekend!

Wendi said...

I loved seeing your day in pictures! I can't wait to try the bread. I will be adding it to the menu for next week.

This Country Girl said...


I loved the day in pictures! That was neat! And isn't it amazing that the dishes keep until morning when necessary? lol!

Have a great weekend!

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing your day!! What a great idea!!! I would love to dive into your book shelf!! I think I really need to get to the library!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

This post made me hungry. That wrap looked delish!

Your kids rooms are really clean! Wish my boys kept their room so tidy!

Totally random question for you: how do you post such large pictures on your blog without them coming out blurry? I've tried to resize mine through the HTML and they always turn out distorted :( It's driving me crazy!

Bonnie said...

Love this post Sandra ! Great idea telling the story with photos ! Felt like I was right there with you !

Blessed Beyond said...

Wonderful journey through your day with the pictures! Great post, my friend! I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you so much for the sweet words! You are such a sweetie! I appreciate them greatly! Hugs and Blessings,

Jen said...

I enjoyed my day in pictures with you. You should do this once a week.

cindy said...

thanks for the glimpse into your life! great idea for a post...I may borrow it!

cindy said...

Oops-forgot to mention that the look on your dog's face is priceless!

imnisland said...

That bread looked really yummy! Loved your post!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed sharing your day.

The bread looks delicious! I love freshly baked bread

Love n' hugs


smilnsigh said...


And I don't even know if you as a Military wife, are allowed to put my comment on your blog. I know Mil blogs have to post a disclaimer on their blogs. But... I'll try.

With Comments turned on.

Miss Mari-Nanci
{"Shoot if you must, this old gray head..."}

Lulu said...

what a lovely post..Loved the bread and of course the pug..i just love your doggies..:-)

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Mmmmm...what a great day we had together ;-)

Kirstin said...

What a creative post! Cool idea. THanks for letting us into your day (C:

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing your day in pictures; that was fun!