Thursday, October 23, 2008

I did it....I made the change....

Change is something I've gotten used to in my life, I mean, how could I not being a military wife? With all the deployments and change of station around us, I would be in serious trouble if I turned my nose up at it.

But still when I think about breaking the norm and trying something new, the first feeling I get is this sick one in the pit of my stomach and then the what if's flood my mind and drive me insane. What if it doesn't work? What if you think it's good but in the end it's horrible?

After reading all your comments on Google Reader I decided to just go for it. It was either that or remain with Bloglines which seems to have something against me (and many others out there, I've noticed). I prayed that it would go well and sure enough it did and I'll even say this, I love it, I think it's WAY better than bloglines, in every sense. So I'm now a Google Reader *snicker*

If you're thinking of making the switch but are worried, don't be. It even gives you the option of transferring all your links from Bloglines, something I found out AFTER I manually did them, all 200 of them. LOL I'm surprised I have my little fingers intact with all the mouse clicking and the typing of url's.

I've got all my blogs organized into folders with my Daily Reads, Craft Blogs, Food blogs etc. And I even noticed that I have 170 subscribers to Diary of a SAHM and another 290 to my Food blog. WHOA, where are all you people? Please don't be shy, stop in and say hello, I promise I don't bite.

Alright now that that's out of the way, I had the Parent/Teacher Conferences this afternoon and I walked out of there on cloud nine. Not just one, but both of my children are absolutely brilliant in school....Jasmine is a straight A student and so is Nicholas, though at this point they're not being graded by A's and B's. The highest they can get is an E for Excelling and he had straight E's. Both teachers couldn't tell me enough what hard working, extremely smart and well behaved children I have and how they love having them in their classrooms.

That's something that all parents love hearing isn't it? It makes you stop and realize that you're doing something right, somehow, somewhere, something is clicking and something is being instilled in these little human beings. It makes me feel a lot better about their future, knowing that I'm teaching them to be hard working, respectful human beings. Thank you Lord for blessing me with such amazing children.

As soon as the weather gets a little cooler, I start pulling out my knitting. Funny thing though, I hardly ever finish the projects I start LOL That has to be the one area in my life where I have yet to master, but I'm determined to finish this scarf for Jasmine because I really want to start knitting the little preemie hats for the Knit One, Save One Campaign. For the scarf I decided to challenge myself a bit and am working on a pattern called "My so called scarf". I LOVE it.

And while I was grabbing my camera to snap that photo, I walked by the couch and something caught my eye. The silly Lola was taking a nap on her favorite spot, the corner of the couch pillow but it's not so much that she was napping, it's the WAY she was laying that just cracked me up.

What mom? What do you need, can't you see I'm trying to sleep?

Oh to be a dog in this house, or a child, OR a husband, anything but a plant, those I don't think anyone would want to be. Poor things, that's why I have plastic ones and even those are looking mighty weak lately.

Well I'm off to figure out what to make for dinner, yes I have a menu and no, I don't feel like anything I've written on there. It's one of those days where everything looks good but yet you don't feel like having any of it that moment? It's a toss up right now, I could do Spaghetti w/ Bacon, Portuguese Bean Soup, Barbecue Chicken Pizza or Portuguese Chicken and Rice. Why can't we just have them all? Would that be bad? I mean would like the Food Patrol Police people thingies whatever, come out and arrest us and possibly put us on a diet. On second thought, I better pick one fast, the minute my body hears the word diet it goes beserk and I'll find myself raiding the refrigerator at 1am.

Yeah better decide soon....well I'll go and do that, hope you're all having a wonderful day.


  1. Well, congratulations...even though I have no idea what google reader or bloglines is (C:

    I like the look of your blog right now, but I"ve always loved it.

    Love the picture of the dog...too funny!

    Have a great day. I'm making chicken soup for dinner!

  2. Your pooch is so cute!! Welcome to Google Reader. I've only used this reader, but I've also never had a problem with it. I think you'll like it! Was it a pain to transfer everything over?

    Oooh, I just spied the link for your rice pudding recipe. I will have to try that one!!

  3. Yeah! I think you'll like Google reader. Glad you had such good conferences too!

  4. I know you are going to love google reader, it's just soooooooooooo much better!

    Congratualtions on the kids doing so well, that is always a rewarding feeling as a parent.

    I love Lola's "Scooby Doo pose".

    I haven't stuck to my menu plan much this week either - just worked out that way. LOL

  5. Congrats on the conference.. its always a good feeling when you know your children are on the mark.

    Loved your knitting.. makes me want to buy some of that yarn and make an afghan.

    I've cooked more then one dish for dinner with the plans of leftovers for the next night. Works great at my house.
    We had chili and corn bread tonight. No leftovers :(

  6. Well high fives to Jasmine and Nicholas. Good for them!

    That Lola is funny. It's amazing some of the positions they can be comfortable in.

  7. I need to make the change over, too. Not sure why I havent done it yet. I am tired of bloglines not updating though! :(

    Love the pic of your pug!

  8. Love the pictures!!

    Have a good one! :)

  9. I so love reading your blog!!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing!

  10. welcome to the google readers i love it so for.

    i can't knit but i can crochet thats one of my favorite things.

    And cong on the good news on the kids conference.

  11. hi sandra,
    This is so funny. Miss candi sleeps just like that.
    Have a great week end.

  12. Yeaaaaaaa, you went for Google Reader!

    And you made nice simple and smart folders. {Unlike me! -grin-}

    And you found out that you have ME, and 169 other Subscribers! ,-)

    And your children are doing wonderfully in school!

    What a day you had! :-))))

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  13. Oh good grief, how could I forget Lola!! She's a hoot!

    And are you sure she was saying; "What do you need mom?" Sure she wasn't doggie swearing at you, for bothering her? >,-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  14. Wow ... you have sooo many readers ! That's amazing ! I'm one of them ! On each blog ... :)

  15. When I have some time, I really need to switch too. Bloglines drives me crazy!

  16. Oh Lola is so cute! What a fun blog you have. I always enjoy your posts when I come over.
    BTW thanks for stopping in to visit me too.
    Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

  17. Congrats on the change! (I have to say though, I don't know anything about blog lines or google lines) Lola is just too precious.! Who says animals can't talk to us - lol!

  18. Stop on by my have an award!

  19. Welcome to Google Reader- I love it too.
    It is so nice to get good comments at conferences- congrats on the good report.

  20. When it comes to software, I'm soooo fickle... I only use it as long as it is efficient and there isn't anything better. Once there is, I switch. So I'll give you a heads up if something better than Google Reader comes along.

  21. Funny, I'm a seasonal knitter and I thought it was just me! Somehow I just don't feel like knitting in the summer.

  22. I think you'll be happy with google reader!

  23. We have our parent teacher meetings yesterday too. OUr children made us proud too, itn't it wonderful?

    Hugs n' love


  24. Yeah, I think you'll like Google Reader! I really love using mine. I've used it since it first came out and I really like it and have never had any problems.

    Look at that first picture of Lola, what a great shot and so much personality! :)

    P.S. BBQ Chicken pizza would have gotten my vote!

  25. Google Reader, How do I use it? I use bloglines, and if it is easier than that then I am willing to change too!

  26. I've been thinking about the possibility of changing to Google Reader, but haven't yet. You've given me hope that it still might be possible.

  27. Love the color yarn you're using for your scarf!

  28. oh i love that your knitting..Yes, knit one, save one is a great charity..I have crochet hats for them and it just makes you feel good...Love that color, hope you take a pic of the finished scarf..
    Love, love pics of your pugs..

  29. so glad to hear it was a great P/T conference!

    I started google reader a long time ago, but there was just something I couldn't figure out about it so I abandoned it. I stuck w/bloglines because it seemed easy and what I knew LOL Guess I should give google reader a try again ... especially since it'll automatically transfer my blogs from bloglines!


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