Thursday, October 9, 2008

# sick kids astrophotography

A peek at my day....

It started like any other, but as I got the kids ready for school I realized that it's time to stop hoping Nicholas feels better and to give in and admit that I've done all I can as a mom to make him better, but this cold or bug or whatever it is, is bigger and stronger than me. I made a quick call to the doctor and was lucky to get in this morning.

So after dropping Jasmine off at school, I came back home with my boy and did a bit of housecleaning before the appointment at 10am.

Nicholas is a little apprehensive of doctors, I think all kids feel scared of the unknown and I explained over and over that he would be fine and he did surprisingly well. The verdict......He has a sinus infection and allergies. My poor baby.
Now before you think I'm a horrible mother who let this go on, he had a runny nose for a week now but it had been clear, yesterday it changed and being a sinus sufferer myself I could tell that things were getting worse, the doctor is glad that I brought him in straight away because we caught the infection right as it's starting. Thank Goodness.

He stayed home the rest of the day but is returning to school tomorrow. He's been put on Claritin and Amoxicillin so I'm sure by tomorrow morning he'll already be feeling 100 times better. Thank you for all the prayers, they do help and we feel them daily :)

So here I sit, with a miserable little boy who is just happy to be in mommy's arms, snuggled up close, with the kisses on the forehead raining down every few minutes. At times like these I want to shut out all the world, I want to sit in that same spot with my little one and keep him just like that until he feels better.

But it didn't last for too long, after some mommy love he asked to play the Wii and then quietly sat on the couch....the back screen door open and a cool breeze blowing the curtains.

The sound of the sprinkler in the front yard and it's woosh woosh woosh hitting the side of the house

While I took the opportunity to refill the hummingbird feeder with some fresh food. Boy do they love it, it's so much fun watching them fight each other for it, imagine airplanes during air combat and that is what you will expect to see.

We set off to pick up Jasmine from school who was only too happy to see her baby brother. First thing she asked was how he is, what is wrong with him and then quietly said "can he die from it?". And THAT just made my heart stop, the worry in her voice was overwhelming and it choked me up because no matter how many times they bicker, and boy do they bicker constantly....they love each other and they can't imagine a life without the other. It's a beautiful thing to see.

I explained that he wouldn't die, he would be just fine and she said "Oh good, because I would miss him so much". My beautiful girl, my little lady, where has the time gone?

Walking in the door they couldn't contain themselves, the love they have for the other was shining through like nothing I've ever seen.

So dinner is in the oven, Roast Fish and Potatoes and Pumpkin Cake Roll for dessert.

After I got that going I quickly finished my little pumpkin decoration for my kitchen window sill, it's not exactly what I wanted it to look like, but it's different and I think it looks cute.

So I'm off to set the dinner table, pull out some bread dough from the freezer into the refrigerator so I can make some cinnamon roll for breakfast. As soon as Curt gets home dinner should be ready and will sit down to eat and then later tonight just as the sun goes down, I'm hoping to rediscover one of my favorite hobbies. Star gazing and Astrophotography!

I pulled out my telescope last night and got some photos of the moon and Jupiter and it's moons. I only wish that with the camera I could really show you the moons around the planet, it's just breathtaking.


  1. what a sweetheart Jasimine is ;) you're doing a good job with them both Sandra & Curt,hope Nicholas feels better soon..

  2. aww poor baby, hope he feels all better soon..
    Jasmine is such a loving sister..

  3. That is so sweet!!! Praying that he wakes up on the mend!!! Poor little guy.

  4. Your pumpkins look very cute!

    Glad he is feeling better!

    What a yummy dinner you made..can I come and live with you?
    Or do you deliver?
    -Sandy toes

  5. Poor Nicholas - sinus infections are no fun. I'm thankful for antibiotics!
    Cute pictures of the kids!

  6. Jasmine and Nicholas are adorable! Hope Nicholas feels better soon.

  7. Sounds like the sick boy actually had a good day - I sure hope he's feeling better soon.

  8. I'm glad you got to the bottom of it.
    I'm sure today will be a better day!

  9. So glad you guys went in and found out what is bugging him, and now he can get the meds and start to feel so much better. I hope today is a lot better :)

    I meant to get out last night and try to photograph the moon, but got busy with things and totally forgot. :)

    Have a wonderful day, Sandra!

  10. Sibling love is something else isn't it? So sweet. So glad Nicholas has the right meds to get him on the road to getting better.

  11. Ah siblings, such a sweet thing sometimes! Great moon shot too.
    Have a good weekend!

  12. I do hope that Nicholas is feeling better today.

    I love how you described the love between Jasmine and Nicholas.

    Dinner sounds yummy at your home.

    I love the pics of the kids and the astronomy pics

  13. Your kids are sooooo sweet! You're a lucky mama, but then you knew that. I hope he feels better soon!

  14. What a sweet story. I hope your little guy is feeling more like himself.

  15. Sorry Nicholas is sick :( Hope the meds have kicked in and he's much better now! Such sweet pics of them; love the one of them touching noses!


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