Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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First it was Blogger, now it's Bloglines....UGH

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I'm beginning to think that any word starting with BLOG in it is just cursed or something. I am having the worst time trying to keep up with my favorite blogs in Bloglines. It's just not updating at not and there's so many red exclamation points that it's making me dizzy.

What's worse for me is going a whole week thinking that someone hasn't updated and then suddenly 10 new posts pop up and I realize I've missed out on all the fun. Really Bloglines, why do you do torture me so?

I'm thinking of switching to Google Reader to keep a list of my favorites, any Google Reader experts out there want to tell me the pros and cons? Is it worth it? Is it better than bloglines or just as annoying?

Anyway, I promise if I haven't been by your blogs it's not because I stopped enjoying them, but because I have no idea you're even blogging.

I'm sure you've noticed my template is different and this time it wasn't so much that I wanted to change it, but more like I was FORCED to change it. While trying to install something into my sidebar I ended up completely messing up the template, it was just awful, there were lines where they shouldn't be, there were links popping all over the posts and I lost a couple of things. I'm not sure if this is a look that I like, but it will do until I have the patience to redo it or find one already made.

I have a lot to babble on about so you'll have to bear with me or just leave, no...wait, don't leave, just bear with me? I'll try not to confuse you too much with my constant change of subject, but I like to write as I talk and as I think and I guess maybe this will scare you a bit wondering how I can go all day with such a random train of thought swimming around in my little head. LOL

I'm almost finished with the book "The Invitation" and I'm finding myself stunned and shocked and in awe of what I'm learning. The story is fiction but the way that Nancy Moser has written them and explained things and brought the Lord's word into it, makes you stop and think, and I like that, I like to be challenged. So I find myself relating to these people and learning along with them.

For example, there is a part in the book where one of the chosen, Walter (who is a reporter) is sitting in his hotel room after having a conversation with his mentor, Gabe, about how TV nowadays does not have family values in mind. The mentor wants him to watch some sitcoms and tell him what he thinks. So Walter is sitting there in his room and the TV just goes beserk, it starts switching channels on it's own even after he unplugs it, it keeps's a quote:

The television flipped through the channels of it's own accord.

"A disgruntled man murdered___"
"...embezzled 2 million___"
"Condom distribution___"
"A bus blew up today in___"
"Angry protesters???"

"Enough!"Walter said. He pointed the remote at the TV, pressing all the buttons. It was out of control.

"There was a bombing raid today, killing__"
"Tomorrow, watch men who love women who love women."
"___brought a gun to school and started___"

I read this in silence, at first I tried to deny it, I thought, not really, it can't be that bad, I mean I love television and I watch it all the time, it's not THAT bad, is it?

And then I decided to see for myself, I took the remote control and changed the channels one by one and wrote down the first thing I heard, here it is:

"at the heart of our service is the long time credit rating system__"
"could be winning thousands of dollars__"
"there are thousands of americans sleep deprived__"
"she got a new boyfriend and started smoking marijuana__"
"yes ma'm I cut myself last week__"
"leading cause of teen death__"
"news woman attack random__"

I don't think I can even go on, I'm actually sick to my stomach right now. I will be honest and admit that I usually don't pay attention, the TV will be on in the background while I'm doing housework or cooking and I'm not really listening....if I did I doubt I would be as enthusiastic about it as I've been.
I'm not saying I'll stop watching TV altogether, but I think it's opened my eyes to maybe taking a little bit more time when I'm choosing programs to watch and especially the kids viewing, it's not the first time that I've switched a cartoon on them because I found it to be disgusting and quite violent.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


And now I need to get some things done around here, so here's my to do list:

  • Pull out the ground turkey for tonight's dinner...Sloppy Joe Squares (recipe will be up later)
  • Do two loads of laundry, dry, iron and put away
  • Organize paperwork on counter
  • Transfer photos from camera to Photos Folder
  • Sweep

I truly hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday, God Bless.


  1. I use Google Reader. I like it because I can group, force things to alphabetize or use my order. I'll keep using Google Reader until I find something better. So far I haven't found any feature compelling enough to make me want to leave.

  2. I use Google reader too. I have never had trouble with it. You can arrange your own groups of blogs and set it up how you like. It seems to update quite regularly and quickly.

  3. Oh, and RE: television... I'm often amazed at what is allowed on tv now vs when I was younger (not that long ago) I love my DVR (Tivo equivalent), because I only watch what I want to watch, I skip all the commercials. And there is no mindless wandering looking for something to watch. I can watch what is recorded and ignore everything else.

  4. For some reason negative news sells so that's why all you hear on TV is the bad stuff. After lots of complaining on a local channel the decided to try having more positive news and asked people to send in things to talk about. It lasted about two weeks and that ended it... cause most people just wasn't interested in the good stuff, they wanted to be able to tish tish over the bad.
    I've never used Google reader.. I have no problems at all just using blogspots own deal.

  5. I love your random posts, Sandra - I can almost hear you speak! I don't use anything other than the blogger updates on the dashboard page of all the blogs I follow, both publically and privately. It works fine for me, and I can choose to read them in google reader, so that is fine.

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I am reading the Miss Julia books by Ann B Ross. If you haven't read them yet check them out next time you are at the library. they are so funny.

  7. I haven't been blogging long enough to know if Google Reader is the way to go. So far I haven't had trouble....RE: television, I do not like it, there's nothing that is good for anyone to watch on a regular basis....I wasn't that concerned about the times the adult shows were on because my children were in bed when they were younger. NOW!!! They are older and the adult humor is on even earlier AND!!! those adult tv shows are on in the afternoon after school!!! The older I get the more angry I am with our Gov't. Not only are kids watching this junk after school, they are sitting on the couch eating junk. I am not happy that Pepsi machines are even available in a school either!!!! LOL ha, you're not the only that can run on and on and should hear me!LOL LOL...Kae

  8. Please disregard the statement about our Gov't. I don't like going there with my family and I wouldn't want to offend anyone...I'm sorry....I like having friends.....kae

  9. Your Google Reader question:

    Switch to Google Reader. It 'ain't' perfect, but you will know when people update.

    What 'ain't' perfect about it is... If you make a Folder, you are stuck with it, forever. Meaning, do not make diff Folders 'willy-nilly,' and want to change them later. Can't make 'em delete or disappear.

    You can stop putting blogs in them and they never show up in bold print {means a blog has a new entry}. But, the little buggers are there forever.

    So, to not have this happen, think long/hard about what kind of Folders you want your blogs to be in. See, I have so many blogs and so diverse blogs, that I put them in diff Folders with diff Folder names. And naturally, like any woman, I changed my mind. -grin-

    So now I have all my blogs in just 3 Folders, which I had to name weirdly, to made those 3 Folders, show at top of the Folder List. Google Reader seems to love the alphabet, but... They also sometimes, mess with the A,B, C's. >,-)

    But this is peanuts, compared to not being told your blogs have updated!!!

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  10. Your eye-opening TV happening:

    Never have TV on, and not pay attention to it. Never. Especially when kids are watching it. And this means all so-called-kids-tv. Including reruns of old sitcoms and even, many of the for-kids stuff.

    And don't have the tv 'just on,' when family are just passing through the tv room either. You'll never know what your kids may happen to be exposed to.

    If I sound alarmist, well... I think by now that you already know that I'm not alarmist. I'm right.

    Sorry you had to find out, this way.

    But aren't you glad you read that book and found out?!?

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  11. I just made the switch from Bloglines to Google Reader about two weeks ago. Do it!!! I liked Bloglines, but I love Google Reader even more! Here's a post I wrote about the two when I made the switch...

  12. Your blog is so cute today!

  13. Anonymous3:52 PM

    UGH..TV. We we decided to homeschool 5 years ago. I knew the TV had to go,really, how much could we get done with the temptation of TV around? My husband sort of freaked at first, could he really LIVE with out the weather channel? But I convinced him that anything he wanted to know he could get from the net. So,sort story the long way, we havent had TV in 5 years and dont really miss it. HOWEVER, We are getting a new TV soon and I am planning to get sky angel ( . Its safe and you wont get the negative stuff you see on reg. tv. We had it in TN and I loved the programming...please check in to it and let me know what you think.

  14. I use google reader also- haven't had a problem.

    I love, love, love your new look!

  15. I love the new look, even if you were forced into doing it - love that cottage!! I also love Google reader. I sounded just like you before and was always frustrated and then our friend Barbara turned me onto reader and it is so easy - YAY! Good luck with your decision!!

  16. I love google reader ! It's the only one I've used but I've never had any problems with it !!

    Your new look is AMAZING !! I love it ... The Laura Ingalls Wilder quote is right up my alley !!! I love quotes !!

    Funny you should mention TV ... I was just writing about TV in my post last night

  17. Hi Sandra, Regular TV is truly not for Christians - not anymore. I can not tolerate watching the commercials much less the shows. We subscribed to Sky Angel Satellite and it is safe. You might want to check it out. Regular TV for us is NO MORE. There is no edifying of our Lord on any of that.

    I do like your new blog layout even it was something you weren't planning to do. :)

    I wrote earlier and had asked how you got so much done in each day. I then got to thinking about my life and I know I likely don't have the leeway you have - I am a stay at home mom but I do home school my children, tutor in the evenings, direct the local home school group, and I clean and rest and clean and rest as I can because I am inhibited by arthritis and fibro. So with that said - I am very very interested in hearing about things you do that make your life easier so that things are easier to stay on top of. Management, etc. The tip you gave about the dryer sheets in the car. I love hearing about that stuff too. Keep up the great blog. Cathy in Kentucky

  18. You've got me curious- I'm going to try your TV experiment now. I'll probably be just as shocked as you were.

    I'm having the same problem with bloglines and have been thinking of switching to something else to. Let us know if you like Google reader!

  19. I use Google Reader and love it so I highly recommend it. I know what you mean about the television. When we bought our house earlier this year, we were faced with making a few budget cuts and we decided that the cable tv could go. We can't get anything off-air where we live so we confine our tv watching to things we choose - DVDs from Netflix, or something from our huge personal library of DVDs or from our local library. We have an inter-library loan system that operates throughtout the state so we can pretty much be guaranteed to get what we want in a couple of days. If it's a new release, then we go with Netflix.

    We really haven't missed it at all, and I have definitely haven't missed cringing when I hear some of the things that tv was bringing into our home.

  20. Bloglines has fixed all the red exclamations on my subscriptions finally! I've been thinking of checking out google reader too, but I always shy away from change when it comes to computer stuff. I'm always scared I'll crash the world wide web.

  21. I like your new look also. Cant help with bloglines or anything else. Sorry.
    TV and drugs I think are Satan's 2 most important and effective tools that he has ever had! People may think I am crazy but...whatever. Both of them have desensitized people so much that they dont realize how much it has hurt this country. People have a very watered down version of right and wrong and it is not based on the Word of God. People think just because they have a prescription drug that it is OK for them to take....never mind the addiction...and TV...well you did your own study. I would throw the TV out the door if my husband would let me.

  22. Yes 2 words for you, Google Reader! I think it's better than bloglines.
    Your new look is cute!
    Tv is just so disgusting sometimes, the commercials are as bad as the programs! When my kids were home we tried to leave it off as much as possible and used a tv guardian for shows/movies. After reading a book about it, hubby had a couple of the kids fill out forms from the book about each show they watched; if it was edifying, if it had bad language, etc. It'll make you think!

  23. I switched from Bloglines to GReader for the exact same reason.

    MUCH better

  24. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader for the same reason. Bloglines just wasn't updating. I love google reader and I am glad that I made the switch.

  25. You can keep track of your blogs on blogger now too. I've never tried Googlereader, I too have had mucho trouble with bloglines recently.

    TV, yuk it's awful isn't it? Even the adverts selling their lies. Something that really convicted me about the TV I watch was the scripture eph 5:12 For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

    I thought well if it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret why am I watching programmes all about what they're up to.

    I've not stopped watching TV, I'm just more selective about what I do watch.

    I like the scripture:

    whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. from Phillippians

    I reckon the less nasty we let into our minds and the more lovely we allow it's got to have a positive effect.

    Hugs n' love

    Sarah x


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