Monday, October 13, 2008

# memes

Playing Tag with Memory Loss!

I was tagged by Autumn and this one looks like fun to do...thank you Autumn :)

The instructions are these:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Tag 5 others.

At first I thought I would have a hard time because I keep all my photos in ONE folder, BUT inside that main folder I have them organized into sub folders like 2000, 2001 and then in THOSE it's organized by month. Yeah I know, I must have been nesting when I did that LOL

So here we go, the Sixth Picture Folder is

December 2003, Nicholas was 8 months old and Jasmine was 4 and a half. I always crack up at his expression in this photo, he wasn't quite sure what was going on.

Now to tag 5 others:

Mari at My Little Corner of the World
Renee at 2 Peas in a Pod
Sarah at Another Bend in the Road
Jessica at Farm Fresh
Michelle at Michelle's Family Life


  1. Thanks for tagging me. This does look like a fun one!
    I love that expression on Nicholas too. He makes me laugh and they both look so cute!

  2. Oh they are so cute, and the expression is priceless :)

  3. Oh, wow! I'm looking forward to checking *this* blog out. I just e-mailed the full bellies blog to my bro (which I never do, lol) because I love all the great portuguese recipes you've posted and thought they'd want to try as well. Thanks for visitin'.

    Your kids are adorable! What a beautiful family :).

  4. How funny...I just popped over here to see what was new and then popped over to check my e-mail and there was an e-mail from you (C:

    I just moved all my photos from my PC to an external hard drive because my computer is possessed! I had to give it to a friend to do a virus scan on it, but I just didn't want to lose all those pictures I had.

    I love your daughters red hair. It is so beautiful.

  5. I'm glad you tagged Michelle because she tagged me and this one was fun.

    Amaingly, my photo wasn't a photo of one of my grandchildren or my dog. LOL

    Yours is great. And I totally admire the way you have your photos organized. Mine are simply in named folders. Reorganizing my photos is on my to do list for 2011. :-)

  6. That is a sweet pic!

  7. They are so cute! Thanks for tagging me; I'll get it up soon.

  8. Cute tag!
    I am doing it too.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful picture.

  10. Nicholas' expression is so cute.
    They look so little in that picture!

  11. Very cute photo - you did well!

  12. Oh look how little they were! How neat to see a pic of them in their "younger years" LOL


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