Thursday, October 9, 2008


  1. Hey Sandra,
    I enjoyed peaking into your day. And the cookies look so yummy!
    BTW I got tagged earlier today and well I was supposed to tag some others so well I hope you want to play tag.
    Come on over and check it out.

  2. Sandra! I so loved the pics of you and your baby... as well as your little girl! Love her gorgeous red hair! So beautiful! So glad that you found out that there was a reason to his misery.. You are a great mom! I would have done the very same thing.. too many people run to the dr. for every little sniffle. Thanks so much for sharing your day!

    Hugs.. Amy

  3. I'm smelling them from all the way over here!

  4. I swear I can smell and taste them !!!
    Have a great Fall day !


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