Monday, October 20, 2008

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Right Now!

Right Now, I am:

feeling... tired but content with a spotless house

enjoying... the sound of birds chirping outside and no other sound to distract me

wondering... whether I can wait for my new McLeod's Daughter DVD or just watch it online

listening... to Casting Crowns on the computer

drinking... iced water

wanting... to say thank you to all the wonderful blog friends who continue to stop by and comment

loving... the thought of my wonderful family being home for the day in an hour or so

looking... forward to getting into bed, resting my tired body, watching some tv and finishing my book


I just finished dinner and trying a new recipe....Mexican Potato Casserole and OH MY need to run and get the recipe because it was DELICIOUS!



  1. Oh Sandra. Oh to have a clean spotless house, cook like you do, and even have time to read a good book. You make it sound so easy. What is your secret? Cathy in Kentucky

  2. Right now I'm blogging instead of keeping an eye on the cooking veggies. LOL.

    Oh and ditto to Cathryn's comment.

  3. Hi Sandra! This is Misty from MooreFuninArizona. I just found your comment on my blog a few days ago and wanted to let you know that I have checked out your blogs! I love the Full Bellies blog and can't wait to try some of your recipes! Right now I am checking emails and my blog before going out and heating up leftovers for dinner.

  4. You should know that just reading your post felt peaceful today. I can hear the birds and the music and feel that cold water running down my throat! The casserole looks wonderful and I will be trying it!

  5. Sandra, tha Mexican Potato casserole looks good today we had shrinp tempura and fried rice.

  6. Love this, I had to play along!

  7. well you've made my mouth water!

  8. That looks amazing!

  9. I can't thank you enough for sharing all your great recipes....I don't need the 50 cookbooks I have on the book shelf! Your blog always makes me so happy! Blessings, LeAnn

  10. Are you watching the Australian McLeod's Daughters or is there another version of it ? I loooove McLeod's !!!

  11. Sandra, I just want to tell you that I love your blog and that I already feel as part of your family. I read it quite often though I don't usually comment.
    Keep writing and may God bless you and your family

  12. Thanks for the recipe idea - right now I'm off to cook lunch! And drink some iced water. And start up some Casting Crowns music. Though some hot chocolate would really go down well with a few more minutes of blog reading.

  13. That casserol looks so yummy.. I must give it a try.

  14. Oooh, what is in the mug in your picture! Looks good, the casserole too.


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