Thursday, October 16, 2008

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They all grow up don't they?

Today is picture day at the kids Elementary School and I'm excited because Nicholas gets to start having his own School Photos added to the wall. Before they left this morning I snapped a quick picture of both, Nicholas wasn't too impressed, as a matter of fact I have no clue what he's doing in this photo LOL

But after a few tries of "smile Nicholas" and "Please just let me take your picture", I gave up, he'll just do what he wants to :) My sweet little boy!

Then I took one of Jasmine and my heart skipped a beat. Just when did she go from my little baby to a 9 year old beautiful young lady? They grow up so fast and it really does seem to be in the blink of an eye and I know there's nothing I can do to stop this process, it's part of life.

I smile at the big girl she is now but my heart also aches for the little baby she used to be. Gosh it's hard being a parent.

I had such a crazy busy day yesterday, I must have walked into the house and back out again for errands at LEAST 4 times, I'm usually a lot more organized but it was one of those fly by the seat of your pants days.

I ventured into the commissary for groceries which, if you've been to one ON PAYDAY you know the nightmare it can be. Not just military families but we have one of the biggest military retiree's community, about 70 000, so they all come shopping too. But for some reason yesterday was ten times worse than it usually is, aisles were crowded, there were shopping carts, kids, elderly couples, frazzled moms and the electric scooter thingies. Yeah it was nuts. But I managed to get everything taken care of before I had to pick up the kids from school.

We came home and after their snack we sat at the kitchen table and made some little ghosts to hang out front. They're SUPER easy to make and the kids had a blast.

All you need is some white fabric of any kind. I have about 10 yards that I picked up at Walmart from their $1 fabric bin. It was perfect, and for the inside of the ghosts I didn't have any batting so we used paper crumpled into a ball, cut the fabric into squares, placed the ball in the middle and gathered up the fabric around it, tied it with some fishing wire and then the kids used markers to draw on faces......VOILA!

They look darn cute hanging out there!

Thank you all for the comments on my Home Management Binder, honestly when I first heard about them I reacted like some of you "I just don't have time for making one". But it's actually SO easy and SO quick, I honestly don't know how I made it all this time without one. I have it sitting on my kitchen counter inside a basket that I got for free at the Airman's Attic back in Idaho. It's perfect for this purpose.

Inside I have my Home Management Binder, you can see it peeking out from behind, then I have 4 folders, one for each family member. I open my mail right in front of this basket and then throw out what is junk or add whatever belongs to each one to their folder. Like military mail that comes for Curt, Catalogues or Magazine subscriptions in mine and the kids school paperwork goes in theirs too.
I go through their backpacks as soon as we get home in the afternoon, trash what isn't needed and sign any forms that require my signature. I put them back in their backpacks OR if they are not needed the next day, they go in their folder.

I DO check the folders every morning to see if something in there needs to go with them. Other things I put in their folders are pictures they've drawn for me, or notes they write, they love drawing and during the day will come to me numerous times with pictures in their hands, I put some on the refrigerator but there's so many, it's hard to find a place for them, now they have one.

I also have my coupon book in that basket and my digital camera, battery recharger and a small pencil bag with pens and pencils.

It's amazing how much this little basket has cut down on my clutter in the kitchen, no more counters full of piles of paperwork and magazines.

But enough about that, I don't want to bore you with all my babbling, so I'll leave you with a question.........

How do YOU deal with all the paperwork clutter and especially all the school paperwork that comes home everyday?


  1. Aww, they are beautiful, Sandra. It's amazing how quickly they grow and become these fantastic little people.

    As far as the paper clutter etc., I go through it all immediately. Whatever needs to thrown out is thrown out, the rest is put in the appropriate places. I have designated folders, envelopes, that sort of thing. I hate piles and clutter, it drives me bananas!


  2. Yes Dear. They _do_ grow up. :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    My "Other" blog {'In The Mind Of A Grand Mother'}

  3. Both pics are great. I see that little smile smirking on Nicholas' face! :v)

    Paperwork. It buries me! It is a never ending struggle at our house. School papers though, I had a file that I kept on my counter. When the kids came home and I couldn't read it right away it went into the file and I would make sure I got to it before bedtime, even if it killed me. Then I'd throw it out or send it back signed. Info I copied onto my calendar rather than have the paper lying around.

  4. My oldest son is a Nicholas..we call him Nick. He is 24! Yep they grow up fast but it seems like I didnt notice it as much when my boys were small. It just seems like it happened all of a sudden...weird. Now I have my grand, aka Little Package, and my husband and I notice everything..all the changes with her...daily! It breaks my heart!

    I have nothing to offer in the line of decluttering mail and papers...I'm goona wait for tips from your blog!! LOL! your kids are beautiful!

  5. Your kids are so sweet! She looks a lot like you in that picture.

    As for paper clutter, I couldn't put it all in a comment if I tried... so here

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    You have beautiful children.. enjoy them daily because the DO grow up fast and boy do you ever miss them.
    I have a secretary sitting in the living room.. I go through the mail each day and what's important I put in one of the slots inside.. the rest gets trashed. No school children here but I do like your folder idea.. I mostly have a problem of deciding where/what to do with the sale ads.. to keep or not to keep and if so where to keep.

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    You have beautiful children.. enjoy them daily because the DO grow up fast and boy do you ever miss them.
    I have a secretary sitting in the living room.. I go through the mail each day and what's important I put in one of the slots inside.. the rest gets trashed. No school children here but I do like your folder idea.. I mostly have a problem of deciding where/what to do with the sale ads.. to keep or not to keep and if so where to keep.

  8. Your kids are so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

    On to the papers....

    I have a box that I put their papers they bring home from school, stuff the made, their homework they completed. I go through it at the end of each term and send stuff out to the grandparents so they can see what the kids have been doing. With my 7 yr old as soon as we get in the house we knock out his homework. This has worked best for us since if he plays beforehand he is apt to not want to do it. So it only takes about 15 minutes right now. So we knock it out and then he gets his free time. My youngest one who is 4 doesn't have homework from his preschool but I do have him do some worksheets and write his letters. I want him to be prepared for kindergarten next year.
    Thanks for idea of the basket. I may see if I can find something to use in my kitchen.

  9. They do grow up too fast don't they! Jasmine looks so cute in that picture.
    Papers/paperwork clutter, ugh, the bane of my existence! I still don't have a good method.

  10. What a beautiful picture of Jasmine! Just stunning!

    I go through the mail right away too and the junk immediately goes in the recycle bin. I hate clutter, and piles, but unfortunately I haven't been able to avoid them! I have that pile on my kitchen counter, but I like your basket idea...might have to do that!

  11. Nicholas is so handsome and Jasmine is just beautiful! I can't believe how much they've grown (from your pictures) over the last year. Wow! Thanks for the stuff about home binders. I am disorganized in that area and need to work on that.

  12. Gorgeous children!

    I need to get organized.. You have some good ideas.. I may try them,if I can find the binders..
    Bunches of hugs and have a great weekend..

  13. On the paper clutter...I go through the mail immediately sometime outside next to the trash Madison's back pack...she hands me what I need I glance and toss....if I need will go on the fridge or in my calender....or possibly to keep a while I have a folder for her and one for that is where it may end up.....I try and keep it paperless as much as possible around here.

  14. Anonymous9:50 AM

    That is such a beautiful picture of your daughter, Sandra!

  15. Hi Sandra,

    Love the photos - like the ghost tip and of course, you know, I love your system.

    I've been super busy this past week with a death in the family, (my mother-in-law who I moved her to take care of this past year), a new birth (as you know, I'm a grandma) and my youngest turning 11. (today)

    I miss blogging but haven't found the time and have been just too tired. Stopped by to see if anything new was happening with you.


  16. Hey Sandra-

    First off... you were one of the winners of the Faith Hill CD...I ended up getting 5 so stop over and send me your mailing address!!

    I deal with clutter exactly like you..with folders. For some reason this year there seems to be less than last year for the kids. Don't know why. Maybe I throw out more?? ;o)

    Have a good weekend.

  17. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Gorgeous photos of your kiddies.

    For school letters I have a folder called Recent School Letters, I write all the dates on the caldendar and then file the letter away. It's useful to refer back to letters about trips out or curriculum issues. I just chuck away any that are out of date etc.

    Hugs n' love.

  18. Anonymous11:48 AM

    lol that should be calendar not 'caldendar'! :)

  19. Beautiful children-they do grow much too fast, don't they?!


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