Saturday, July 17, 2010

{ Something huge, my way comes }


Are you scared yet?

Let me start by saying that I can not stand bugs, of any kind. Big, small, spotted or not, whatever, I can't stand them, they make my skin crawl, enough so that I'm actually unable to eat anything for at least an hour after an encounter with one of these things.

So imagine my afternoon yesterday when I stepped outside my laundry room door to go and turn on my sprinkler, and upon returning my eye caught a glimpse of something big on the ground, I mean like right up against my door.

I quickly glanced down and saw this.......Lord have mercy.....


My first thought was......Oh my gosh I almost stepped on that.

then it changed to.....but what in Heaven's name IS that?

Is it a butterfly, is it a moth, please don't say moth, I am deathly afraid of moths. I don't know why but moths are the ONE bug that will send me into little girl screams and fits of shivers.

But then I realized, this is a blog post in the making, so I went back inside....THROUGH the front door mind you, there's no way I was going to walk in that door, knowing my luck it would go into flight and follow me inside.

I quickly grabbed my camera and I may have yelled out something like "OMG I just saw a gigantic moth outside".


I don't know where I found the courage, but not only did I snap pictures of this monster, I actually used my macro feature and was pretty much touching my lens to it's gross body. All in the name of a good Blog Picture.

What is wrong with me?

Should I tell you that after this incident, I came back into the house (through the other door, of course) and tried to finish eating my Frozen Orange Pie, which suddenly became inedible due to recurring thoughts in my mind of "what if I had stepped on that thing? Imagine the squish, it's body is so big".

Ok enough I'm grossing myself out again.

Aren't you glad you came here after breakfast? Gross! I'll stop torturing you all, and myself.

Anyway, I posted these on my facebook account and one of our friends suggested posting it on Bug Guide, which I did and within 5 minutes someone had identified it as the Rustic Sphinx Moth.

Cool name, even if it gives me the shivers.

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