Friday, June 30, 2006

Cranky Cranky Cranky.....

Now I know why thin people and models sometimes walk around with annoyed looks on their faces. See yesterday I was feeling a bit better from the cold, but my stomach was just killing me, so I didn't eat much, which made me, yep, you guessed it....CRANKY!!!
I love food too much and this is why I have the hardest time dieting at all, I don't think I could ever be a Super Model, unless the Super stood for Super Sizing!!!

We had a good day yesterday, I spent time with the kids and when it came to lunch time I thought I would make them a treat. Usually lunch in this house consists of Macaroni & Cheese, or PB & J Sandwiches or Chicken Nuggets, you know the usual things kids like. Yesterday was no exception, when asked what they wanted, the answer was unanimous...."Chicken nuggets and mac & cheese". BLEH!!!!
But I decided to make it special, so I made them both some strawberry shakes, complete with whipped cream and all. You should have seen their faces, I don't think I've gotten hugs and kisses like THAT in a long time LOL

Again it proves that they really do love the small things you do for them. I mean I could have easily given them the usual juice box, but wasn't this better???

Today I have to go to a Notary to get a bunch of paperwork notarized and then get some more passport photos taken. Once that is done I can finally mail in the rest of the paperwork and be totally DONE with my part. I just hope this whole process doesn't take very long, so I'm putting it in the Lord's hands and letting him deal with it. Just this morning I started worrying about it and he AGAIN said "This is my battle, not yours, let it go, I didn't ask you to take it on".

What is wrong with me??? You would have thought that by now I would have learnt my lesson, but yet, I continue to annoy Him and question and provoke. He must feel the way I do with my kids at times. "How many times do I have to tell you to do something?", see????
I really am just a little kid when it comes to the Lord, how embarassing, a 31 year old woman who acts like a child.

Anyway, being that it's friday and payday, I'm going to get my menus posted on my food blog, and then I need to get my grocery list done, pay bills, etc. All that fun stuff that goes with being a mommy and wife.

I've also posted my "Everyday Things" below, if you want to know more about it, or even participate yourself, go to Jule's "Everyday Mommy" for the rules. Remember that Jules moved to a new site, so I'm giving you the new link, don't forget to update your bookmarks :)

I didn't forget about my blog look, just haven't had time to mess with it and get it finished. Hopefully sometime today, if not, then this weekend it should be up.

We're having a hard time getting Jasmine to read during the summer. It's frustrating because when she first started school she was thrilled to learn everything, it's like she couldn't get enough of words, reading, spelling etc. Now it's a total turn around and quite frankly I don't know how to deal with it. Her first grade teacher suggested she read chapter books during the school break, and you would think that I'm asking her to read a memo on nuclear bombs or something. Anyone have ideas to share????

Time to get on with the day, have so much to do and my coffee is now cold, need a refill. Hey if you stop by tomorrow I promise to have a fresh pot of coffee waiting AND I'll even throw in some of those new Blueberry Krispi Kreme are they to die for!!!


  1. You said "you continue to annoy him".....I don't think so. I don't believe He gets annoyed. His patience in infinite. He loves us in a way we can't fully understand, and He wants us to keep turning to Him for help.

    Be kinder to yourself, Sandra. You do so many things with a heart for God. That's what He wants.

  2. Have you tried switching off reading paragraphs? Some kids just take longer to "get into" reading.

  3. Aaawww what a sweet mommy you are making them the strawberry shake for a treat - yep it is the little things they notice and that count!

    For the reading: how about if you read a book at the same time. Tell her you'll both read for 15-20 min "together." Maybe with you sitting and reading a book too it'll be motivation for her?

    Hey my blog link is missing from your "Military Families" :)

  4. those shakes look yummy!! last night Jackson and i went out for dinner and had ice cream for dessert (hubby is out of town for work) it was so cute. i asked him if he wanted me to phone his nana (my hubby's mom) and invite her since we were near her house. he said no he just wanted the two of us for our date night. so sweet!!

    and yes - my son and i both get very cranky if we are hungry

    those doughnuts sound good - i'll be back for them :)

  5. Mmmmm...shakes! That was a good idea! Sometimes it's the simplest things that we take for granted ya know?

  6. I like the new look! What program do you use? I need to get a good graphic editing program.

    Anyway, now I want a strawberry shake... hee hee.

  7. My kids love it when I make them shakes in the blender...don't stress over the reading, sometimes it helps to just back off. Give her space away from reading for a week or two and let her see YOU totally absorbed in a book. She'll get interested again, I promise. And I agree with Morning Glory's comment up there; see yourself through His eyes of infinite patience and love, He sees your heart.


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